Ultra Quiet Fans Keep Your Audio and Video Equipment Cool

Technical Pro FN4 Rack-Mountable Four Fan Cooling Unit, 2.5 Rack Units (RU)If you use or plan to own an equipment rack to house your audio video equipment, then keeping your components cool should be a primary consideration. Overheating can cause your components to not only temporarily stop working, but can it cause permanent damage. Save yourself the trouble of needing to replace costly equipment, by making a minimum investment in cooling fans. This four fan design mounts cleanly to you rack and removes hot air buildup inside you rack. A convenient front side LCD display even lets you know what the temperature is so you can make sure you components are staying cool.

  • Pumps out 432 cubic feet per minute of heated air
  • Rack Mount Design
  • Integrated LCD temperature display

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One thought on “Ultra Quiet Fans Keep Your Audio and Video Equipment Cool

  1. The point of an Audio/Video equipment is to capture the content you want not the background noise coming from your device. It’s therefore great to see that silent fans have been produced which will fix this problem and still keep your devices cool.

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