Use Professional Grade Equipment with a Completely Adjustable, Sturdy Microphone Stand

Technical Pro MKST3 Tripod Microphone Stand with Clasp Adjuster

Technical Pro is known to make professional gear that is built to last. From microphones to mixers to amplifiers and speakers, the same innovative technical approach they use for their electronic equipment can be found in their racks and stands. The MKST3 Tripod Microphone Stand with Clasp Adjuster is microphone stand like no other. The high quality parts and multiple uses has given this stand high regards in the professional world of audio recording and broadcasting.

The MKST3 core construction is made of a highly durable steel frame that ensures the stand will not bend or break. The base of the microphone is a tripod design which keeps the microphone balanced in almost any environment. The tripod is connected to the frame which is connected to an adjustable arm at the top. The adjustable arm can move in several directions allowing you for easy adjustment for any style of recording. The adjustments can be achieved by using the push button controls which when released will lock the parts in your desired position.

The push button feature on this unit is major part of what sets this apart from the competition. The push button controls used to make your adjustments are so much easier than having to screw or fasten a clamp, which is the standard used for most other tripods. The tripod base legs can also be adjusted for further positioning and balancing. Use the clasp to keep your microphone cable wrapped neatly.

The amount of adjustments this stand is capable of makes this the perfect microphone stand for recording vocals, instruments and drums. If you need an over head capture, simply raise the stand to your needed height. If you want to record while sitting down, lower the stand and change the position of the 360 degree adjustable arm. The MKST3 is the best choice for all around microphone stand in today’s professional world of audio and sound. The push button controls & low price fix on this is almost too good to believe considering the amount of uses you will get out of this stand. Furnish your whole studio with these stands or purchase one for your home studio – either way, you will probably end up using it for every recording you make!

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Turn your Home Theater into an Entertainment Hub

Technical Pro DVB80 Professional DVD Player

The DVB80 from Technical Pro will let you entertain your family or guests at home. Connect the DVB80 to your home entertainment system and you will have to ability to playback movies, music, view family photos, view pictures from your digital camera’s SD card or plug in a couple of mics and host a Karaoke style sing-a-long. Pop your disc into the drive, connect a USB flash drive or SD memory card. Connect the 5.1 RCA audio outputs to your speaker system and enjoy a surround sound experience while watching movies.

In the professional studio use the rack-mountable housing to easily integrate this into your set up- no need to buy additional brackets. The built-in Dolby AC-3 decoder will allow playback for the AC-3 coder which is a 5.1 format. This means that it provides five full-bandwidth channels, front left, front right, center, surround left, and surround right. A low-frequency effect (LFE) channel is included for the bass frequencies.

Complete with remote control and a fluorescent graphic readout, Technical Pro has again set the benchmark with the DVB80 Professional DVD Player!

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Ultra Quiet Fans Keep Your Audio and Video Equipment Cool

Technical Pro FN4 Rack-Mountable Four Fan Cooling Unit, 2.5 Rack Units (RU)If you use or plan to own an equipment rack to house your audio video equipment, then keeping your components cool should be a primary consideration. Overheating can cause your components to not only temporarily stop working, but can it cause permanent damage. Save yourself the trouble of needing to replace costly equipment, by making a minimum investment in cooling fans. This four fan design mounts cleanly to you rack and removes hot air buildup inside you rack. A convenient front side LCD display even lets you know what the temperature is so you can make sure you components are staying cool.

  • Pumps out 432 cubic feet per minute of heated air
  • Rack Mount Design
  • Integrated LCD temperature display

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Keep Your CatGenie 120 Litter Box Clean and Running Efficiently

CatGenie 120 Maintenance Cartridge (Each)

If you already own or plan to purchase the CatGenie 120 Self-Cleaning Litter Box (sold separately) for an odor-free, germ-free cat environment, the CatGenie 120 Maintenance Cartridge is great way to keep the Litter Box running at optimal performance. The Maintenance Cartridge should be used once every 2-4 months, depending on your number of cats, cleaning frequency and water hardness – typical use is once every 6 weeks. Simply pop it into your CatGenie 120, push run and you are done. The Maintenance Cartridge effectively removes lime and grime from hard to reach parts of the CatGenie 120, like the Water Sensor and drain holes. Keeping these areas as clean as possible will help maintain an odor-free, germ-free litter box that runs like the day you set it up.
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