Reduce Environmental Noise and Amplify Speech Frequency

Ever have trouble hearing what the person across from you is saying while in a crowded area like a restaurant with a group of friends?

Do you and your spouse have a hard time listening to the radio or watching TV together because you both need to listen at vastly different volumes?

The Symphonix Personal Sound Amplifier from RCA is the solution to these above problems and many similar ones people face on a daily basis. The device is ideal for individuals who may not necessarily need a hearing aid but could benefit from added amplification of that which they’re trying to hear. The Symphonix Amplifier is designed to distinguish speech sounds from background noise using RCA’s HD digital technology rather than simply amplifying everything like other listening devices. The device features 3 different volume levels that are tailored to fit the situation at hand and are easily selected with the push of a button (see “Turning On and Adjusting Volume” video in “More Info” tab). Level 1 uses minimum reduction and amplification while level 3 uses maximum reduction and amplification for those tough to hear scenarios. The Symphonix Personal Sound Amplifier discretely fits behind either ear and weighs less than 1/4 of an ounce so that it isn’t a nuisance. The earpiece fits comfortably in either ear similarly to a pair of ear buds. The Personal Amplifier also features a long lasting rechargeable battery capable of providing 15 hours of use and is conveniently recharged by connecting it to the storage case.

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