Small, Lightweight Personal Locator Ensures You Always Know Where Your Child Is

SecuraTrac ST-1011 SecuraPAL Guardian
The SecuraPAL Guardian from SecuraTrac is a lightweight personal automated locator system that uses GPS and mobile phone networks to pinpoint the location of the device. The device is only 0.5 inch thick and 2.5 ounces in weight making it easy to fit in a pocket, backpack or even a collar. The SecuraPAL notifies designated people of its location so that a lost child, elderly adult, pet or even a prized possession can be quickly found when lost. An SOS push-button in the middle of the device can be used in the event of an emergency to alert all the contacts designated via a text message and/or email. Locations are reported automatically at a pre-set rate of reporting and can be quickly tracked using a Smartphone or computer with turn-by-turn directions. The battery is rechargeable taking about 2 hours to fully charge and will last 48 hours up to 10 days depending upon how often it is reporting. When the battery is running low the device will alert users with a red blinking light. Users are able designate SecuraFences around their home, neighborhood or town that, when breached, will alert pre-selected people, such as a parent. New SecuraFences can be created or modified online with the click of a mouse on your own secure personalized website so different barriers can be used for different people or objects. The SecuraPAL has nationwide coverage, working in every state in the US plus the option of international coverage.
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