Professional-Grade Steam Cleaner Simply Uses Tap Water and No Chemicals

Sienna SSC-0312 EcoSteamerThe EcoSteamer from Sienna is an environmentally friendly product that can take the place of multiple chemical cleaning agents typically used when sanitizing around the home. The powerful, 1350 watt, steamer simply uses tap water for operation and does not require any chemicals making it very eco friendly. The EcoSteamer comes with 4 attachments for use with nearly every conceivable cleaning job from floors to walls and even fabrics like carpet, couches and more. There really isn’t a room in the home that the EcoSteamer can’t be used in for a chemical-free cleaning. It has a large, 40.6fl oz, water tank that can be steam ready in just 4 minutes and provide continuous steam for as long as 35 minutes. Steamer, sanitizer and deodorizer all wrapped up in one easy-to-use device.
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