Adjustable Mount with USB Power Ports Holds a Smartphone, GPS Device or MP3 Player

Scosche Industries IUH12V powerMOUNT 12V Vehicle Power Socket Mount and ChargerThe Scosche IUH12V powerMOUNT is a simple and effective way to do two things at once – mount your iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android Device, GPS or MP3 player…and charge it at the same time*. Just plug the base into you 12V cigarette lighter or power adapter socket. Then put you mobile electronic device into the holder and adjust the arm and swivel the mount to best view your device. The base of the adapter features a pass through for the 12V adapter so you do not lose that while in use. Additionally, there are two USB ports that you can use to power and/or charge your mobile device.
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Professional-Grade Steam Cleaner Simply Uses Tap Water and No Chemicals

Sienna SSC-0312 EcoSteamerThe EcoSteamer from Sienna is an environmentally friendly product that can take the place of multiple chemical cleaning agents typically used when sanitizing around the home. The powerful, 1350 watt, steamer simply uses tap water for operation and does not require any chemicals making it very eco friendly. The EcoSteamer comes with 4 attachments for use with nearly every conceivable cleaning job from floors to walls and even fabrics like carpet, couches and more. There really isn’t a room in the home that the EcoSteamer can’t be used in for a chemical-free cleaning. It has a large, 40.6fl oz, water tank that can be steam ready in just 4 minutes and provide continuous steam for as long as 35 minutes. Steamer, sanitizer and deodorizer all wrapped up in one easy-to-use device.
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Quickly and Accurately Determine if a Fan System is Properly Operating

Suncourt PI004 Air Pressure Indicator
With the hot summer days approaching you want to make sure that the air is flowing adequately from your vents. Those fans that you have throughout your home will do no good if they aren’t pushing out the right amount of cool air. With the Suncourt Air Pressure Indicator you can check your fans to make sure that they are working properly. It is designed to quickly show the pressure difference in a vent system to help distinguish whether or not the fan system is operating properly. It is intended for use with depressurization radon systems as well as other air pressure applications. The Air Pressure Indicator is for general ventilation purpose only.

  • Indicates if fan system is operating
  • For use with radon systems and other air pressure applications

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Versatile Mirror/Kickstand Attaches to Back of Any Smartphone

Zadro ZTEL01 Z'Smart MirrorThe versatile Z’Smart Mirror from Zadro is a must-have Smartphone accessory due to its universal phone compatibility and multitude of uses. The folding Z’Smart Mirror attaches to any Smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android, via an adhesive strip that will secure it to the back of the phone itself or the back of a case if there is one on the Smartphone. The mirror folds into the phone when not in use to protect it from getting damaged and, when needed, it can adjust to a variety of angles. The Z’Smart Mirror also has a sleek design at only 5mm thick so that it won’t make the Smartphone bulky. While this mirror is great for things such as checking hair, make-up or using as an extra in-car navigation aid it is also perfect for acting as a kickstand for hands-free use if watching a video or video chatting.

  • Folding mirror attaches to back of Smartphone
  • Attaches via adhesive strip
  • Folds into phone to protect from scratching
  • Adjusts to multiple angles
  • Use as a mirror or a kickstand

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