SNAPS! For Playtime

Snap Together Panels Encourage Creativity within a Child while Designing Playtime Structure
Children's Factory 1282 Double Jr. Snap Cube Set with Shape Blocks

Kids just want to have fun, playtime-yes please! Are you looking for some fun new toys to keep your children entertained indoors or even out in the backyard? Every child loves playtime whether it is running around the yard, playing dress up, to painting a picture.

Why not try something new this summer that gets their imagination flowing? The Children’s Factory 1282 Double Jr. Snap Cube Set with Shape Blocks lets young imaginations enjoy hours of rewarding pretend play while providing gross motor benefits. The Jr. Snap Cube Set with Blocks has six panels and a belly flop ramp plus 16 shape blocks that will provide fun day after day, allowing children to crawl in, out, around and through. Perfect for playtime any where!!

The Snap Junior Cube System from Children’s Factory has a modular design that allows you to build a variety of different configurations. This sturdy plastic cube set is like a climb-on sorting cube. Children love finding new ways to play with it. The Children’s Factory Double Jr. Snap Cube Set is designed for ages 18 months to 3 years. Also included are 2 sets of 8 Shape Blocks.

The Double Jr. Snap Cube Set features include:
• 10 snap together panels plus ramp
• 16 shape blocks
• Use creativity to build various structures
                                                                                       • Quickly assembles and disassembles
                                                                                       • Ideal for ages 18 months and older

SnapCubeSystems requires adult assembly, but it’s more fun when children participate in construction. No tools are required. Children’s Factory Learning ProductsSnap Junior CubeSystems pieces are easy to take apart and store and units can easily be moved from indoor to outdoor or from one room to another. This quality Children’s Factory educational toy was chosen for its ability to nurture creative development in children by The Creativity Institute.

What’s Included
• 10x – Snap Panels
• 16x – Shape Blocks
• 1x – Belly flop ramp


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