Surge Protector Adds Additional Grounded Power Outlets Including USB Charging

GE 14912 Dual Outlet USB Charger with Surge Protection
It seems like you can never have enough power outlets these days. We are constantly engaged within our digital, power hungry lifestyles and thus we need continued juice to support our beloved tech gadgets. The GE 14912 is a neat little accessory that plugs into any existing wall outlet, essentially acting as a miniature power strip and surge protector (up to 245 Joules) adding two additional grounded outlets to an already existing wall socket. It even features two USB outlets available specifically for charging today’s mobile gadgets such as your smartphone as well as a removable shelf that can hold those pocket sized devices while they charge. The built-in charging indicator LED keeps you aware of the devices current charging status, bright enough to eye from a distance. The integrated screw hole makes it so the GE 14912 can attach securely to whatever outlet it is piggybacking. Handy-dandy indeed, nothing is more annoying than running out of outlets.
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