Switch Almost Anything ON or OFF Using a Bluetooth-Enabled Cell Phone or Device

EMX BG-VK2 BlueGuard VK2 Bluetooth Virtual Keypad Wireless Access Control Module, In-Wall - White
The EMX BG-VK2 BlueGuard VK2 Bluetooth Virtual Keypad Wireless Access Control Module turns a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone into a universal controller – letting you switch almost anything ON/OFF from your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other Bluetooth enabled device. BlueGuard is activated when a PIN code is keyed into the cell phone within range, triggering the relay output. The possibilities are endless with BlueGuard, and the user capacity unlimited. Use BlueGuard as a virtual keypad to open and close garage doors, activate magnetic locks and gate openers, as a free exit device, or as a key switch on your car or boat – the applications are limitless.

The BG-VK2 BlueGuard feature an adjustable activation pulse period, from 3 to 90 seconds, which allows direct connection to a magnetic door lock. It also has an output toggle feature; connect to BlueGuard and activate output, connect again to deactivate the output. A built-in remote LED status indicator let’s you when BlueGuard is active. BlueGuard VK2 does not require any software to be downloaded to your phone, it uses existing Bluetooth communication.

For operation, simply search for Bluetooth devices on your cell phone, select BlueGuard, and enter the PIN. The relay output will activate when the correct PIN is entered. This allows an unlimited number of users to activate BlueGuard (with the same PIN). No grooming is required. BlueGuard’s user interface features a secure internal switch to place the unit in the programming mode. During programming, BlueGuard reads the Bluetooth device that is within range and allows editing of the PIN and the BlueGuard’s Bluetooth name. Read more

Surge Protector Adds Additional Grounded Power Outlets Including USB Charging

GE 14912 Dual Outlet USB Charger with Surge Protection
It seems like you can never have enough power outlets these days. We are constantly engaged within our digital, power hungry lifestyles and thus we need continued juice to support our beloved tech gadgets. The GE 14912 is a neat little accessory that plugs into any existing wall outlet, essentially acting as a miniature power strip and surge protector (up to 245 Joules) adding two additional grounded outlets to an already existing wall socket. It even features two USB outlets available specifically for charging today’s mobile gadgets such as your smartphone as well as a removable shelf that can hold those pocket sized devices while they charge. The built-in charging indicator LED keeps you aware of the devices current charging status, bright enough to eye from a distance. The integrated screw hole makes it so the GE 14912 can attach securely to whatever outlet it is piggybacking. Handy-dandy indeed, nothing is more annoying than running out of outlets.
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Go Green and Let Mother Nature Dry Your Clothes for You

Go Green and put Mother Nature to work for you! The Lift-O-Matic Rotary Dryer from Brabantia is an outdoor rack that easily rotates and adjusts to your preferred height so you can hang up wet clothes without straining your reach. Perfect for bedding and other sensitive articles of clothing, the Lift-O-Matic features a robust all weather design allowing it to take on harsh, outdoor conditions. The extra-strong line features a non-slip profile and its rounded cord feed through allows the lines to last longer so you can continue to use the Lift-O-Matic for the foreseeable future. Oh, and it saves you money. Your electrical drier isn’t doing any of the work here, just good ol’ wind and sun.

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Portable Battery Backup Can Charge your iPhone or other Smartphone up to 8 Times

The TekNmotion PowerMotion 12000 is an external portable battery backup solution for all your portable digital devices. It allows you to power and/or charge most smart phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3/MP4 players, tablets, cameras/camcorders, PSP, or other portable electronic devices anywhere, anytime.

The PowerMotion 12000 has 12000mAh battery capacity, which is enough to charge an iPhone 8 times, or enjoy music on your iPhone for up to 280 Hrs. It also includes LED power indicator lights that display the Powermotion 12000’s remaining battery charge. This charger also has 2 USB sockets for your 5V portable device, and a complementary DC socket for your 9-12V device. A USB cable with both Mini USB and Micro USB tips, a Nokia mobile phone tip, a LG mobile phone tip, and a Samsung mobile phone tip is included.

The PowerMotion 12000 has multiple outlets that let you charge multiple devices simultaneously. Charge your digital camera, your cell phone or iPhone, and your iPad or other tablet at the same time. The 12000mAh lithium battery with aluminum housing and sleek design provides enough power to keep any mobile device running.
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