Smooth Rotating Clothes Dryer Easily Handles Heavy-Wet Clothes

Brabantia 310805 Topspinner Rotary Dryer, 50 Meters of Drying Line
Go Green and put Mother Nature to work for you with the Topspinner Rotary Dryer from Brabantia, an outdoor rack that smoothly and easily rotates even on a full load of heavy-wet clothes. No longer do you have to carry around that clothing basket. Perfect for bedding and other sensitive articles of clothing, the Topspinner features a robust all weather design allowing it to take on harsh, outdoor conditions. The extra-strong line features a non-slip profile and its adjustable “Umbrella” system allows clothes lines to be tensioned in three positions. Oh, and it saves you money. Your electrical drier isn’t doing any of the work here, just good ol’ wind and sun.
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