Open Medicine Bottles Tops with Only Using One Hand

Attempting to open those pesky medicine bottle tops can be quite challenging sometimes. Try doing it with one hand and it’s near impossible. You’ve got enough things to do throughout your day and having to struggle with opening a medicine bottle shouldn’t be one of them. The Evri-Twist from Evriholder Products is the solution. Simply put, the Evri-Twist allows you to open up medicine bottle tops with ease and with the use of only one hand making it perfect for those with dexterity issues or those who just need a bit more assistance and stability when trying to get these ghastly medicine tops off. The Evri-Twist comes with a nice rubber disc that can be used as a base for added support when opening up bottles. The Evri-Twist can accommodate bottle-top sizes up to 1.75 inches allowing it to be quite versatile among your bottle opening accessories.
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