Easily Add Additional Monitors to Your Notebook or Desktop Computer

GWC Technology AN3200 USB 3.0 Multiple Display Adapter
Juggling between multiple spreadsheets, Internet browser windows, and other application windows can be overwhelming with just one monitor. Managing and multitasking can be handled much more efficiently and effectively with the addition of multiple monitors thus dramatically increasing your virtual workspace. Adding an additional monitor to your Notebook or Desktop Computer has never been easier with the GWC Technologies AN3200 USB 3.0 Display Adapter. This little device allows you to add two additional monitor (or even projectors) to your computer. Extend or Mirror your desktop or even make one of the new USB 3.0 attached monitors your primary display. All can be done without having to shutdown or reboot your system, allowing you to attach multiple monitors on the fly. Thanks to USB 3.0’s insanely fast transfer speeds, streaming 1080P High Definition video to multiple monitors is smooth and effortless. Simply connect one of your computer’s USB 3.0 ports with the included cable to the AN3200. Then, attach up to two additional monitors to the AN3200 via HDMI or DVI and you’re on your way to a more efficient virtual workspace!
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