Easily Add Additional Monitors to Your Notebook or Desktop Computer

GWC Technology AN3200 USB 3.0 Multiple Display Adapter
Juggling between multiple spreadsheets, Internet browser windows, and other application windows can be overwhelming with just one monitor. Managing and multitasking can be handled much more efficiently and effectively with the addition of multiple monitors thus dramatically increasing your virtual workspace. Adding an additional monitor to your Notebook or Desktop Computer has never been easier with the GWC Technologies AN3200 USB 3.0 Display Adapter. This little device allows you to add two additional monitor (or even projectors) to your computer. Extend or Mirror your desktop or even make one of the new USB 3.0 attached monitors your primary display. All can be done without having to shutdown or reboot your system, allowing you to attach multiple monitors on the fly. Thanks to USB 3.0’s insanely fast transfer speeds, streaming 1080P High Definition video to multiple monitors is smooth and effortless. Simply connect one of your computer’s USB 3.0 ports with the included cable to the AN3200. Then, attach up to two additional monitors to the AN3200 via HDMI or DVI and you’re on your way to a more efficient virtual workspace!
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Extremely Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The FoxLv2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker from Soundmatters International is a special edition model that improves upon its predecessor, the FoxLv2, with improved sound quality, upgraded electronics and cables, enhanced wireless capabilities, and a longer battery life. This tiny sound system utilizes highly advanced speaker technologies that cannot be found elsewhere, regardless of size or price. The FoxL is engineered around a pair of proprietary, highly sophisticated acoustic drivers, unique in thier ability to reproduce both extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single very small diameter dome speaker, dubbed by Soundmatters as the “Twoofer.”

The dual digitally powered “Twoofers” are assisted in their task of reproducing low frequencies by a miniaturized version of the high mass “moving wall” passive bass radiators. To add to the additional bass driver, without compromising stringent weight and space restrictions, the engineers at Soundmatters developed an innovative solution, the BassBattery™. This design was created by rubber-encasing the FoxL’s built-in high capacity, lithium-ion battery, enabling it to provide the mass for an acoustic suspension bass driver.

The built-in noise canceling microphone, coupled with the “twoofers” voice clarity, make the FoxLv2 Platinum an excellent choice for hands-free and conference call applications. When paired with a Bluetooth enabled Smartphone, when a call comes in while listening to music, the FoxL automatically lets you know that there is an incoming call and you can either answer the call via your Smartphone or by use of the Bluetooth button on the unit.
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Add a Power Outlet Behind Your Wall Mounted HDTV Without Hiring an Electrician

Let’s say you’re preparing to install a new flat screen HDTV or a projector. Or you’ve already installed your TV with the cord in the wall, or left it hanging down, “out there” on the wall. No matter how you’re planning to hide your wires, you still need a power-outlet to plug it into. The PowerBridge Single Solution Power Kit is an in-wall power extension specifically designed to provide a professional appearance and hide AV cables, for any on-wall mounted LCD, Plasma, LED and LCD HDTV.

  • Designed specifically to allow do-it-yourself relocation of a power outlet
  • Flexible recessed design for low profile flat screen TV mounting
  • Allows for connection to external power surge protection units
  • Easy, color-coded wire connections and clear instructions

Open Medicine Bottles Tops with Only Using One Hand

Attempting to open those pesky medicine bottle tops can be quite challenging sometimes. Try doing it with one hand and it’s near impossible. You’ve got enough things to do throughout your day and having to struggle with opening a medicine bottle shouldn’t be one of them. The Evri-Twist from Evriholder Products is the solution. Simply put, the Evri-Twist allows you to open up medicine bottle tops with ease and with the use of only one hand making it perfect for those with dexterity issues or those who just need a bit more assistance and stability when trying to get these ghastly medicine tops off. The Evri-Twist comes with a nice rubber disc that can be used as a base for added support when opening up bottles. The Evri-Twist can accommodate bottle-top sizes up to 1.75 inches allowing it to be quite versatile among your bottle opening accessories.
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