Attractive, Solar Powered Patio Speaker Connects to Any Bluetooth Enabled Device


Enjoy music on your patio, deck, poolside, or in the yard with the Patio Planter Speaker from Ion Audio. The Patio Planter Speaker is a flowerpot music system that contains two speakers and is capable of connecting with any Bluetooth enabled device. The Patio Planter Speaker is perfect for virtually any medium sized plants including bromeliads, ornamental grasses, lilies and hydrangeas and even has a drainage system so you don’t over water your plants. The built in speaker is housed in the base of the pot, ready to fill any outdoor area with music. The Patio Planter Speaker system can be expanded by adding more speakers for a more full sound experience (each sold separately).

  • Built in Bluetooth receiver and speaker
  • Water-resistant design for indoor or outdoor use
  • Internal battery recharges via solar power
  • Fits virtually any medium-sized plant and includes drainage for plant roots
  • Built for outdoor use on patio, deck, poolside or in the yard

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