Have Trouble Opening Up Favorite Beverages?

Three-in-One Opener Handles Almost Any Kind of Beverage Top

Evriholder Products TT Turtle Top Opener

  • Opens the twist tops, screw tops, and bottle cap tops of all your favorite beverages
  • Flexible, textured-grip design makes removing tops a breeze
  • Small and portable so you can take it with you

One opener to rule them all, the Turtle Top from Evrilholder Products is a unique tool designed to open screw caps, aluminum can tabs, and bottle caps. It’s essentially a three in one bottle opener. The Turtle Top fits nicely within the hand and has a textured-like-flexible-grip to it which allows for control and easy removal of whatever it is that’s stopping you from enjoying your tasty beverage. Save your hands from damage and let the Turtle Top do all the work for you.
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Store Away Your Favorite Bottled Beverage for Use Later

Evriholder Products BS-CF Bottle-Stopper

  • Easily plugs, locks, and seals opened bottles
  • Safely store beverages such as wine and liquour
  • Robust, quality design assures reuse over and over again

Re-plugging your bottle with a cork can be quite tricky, instead use something easier. The Bottle-Stopper from Evriholder is a robust and heavy duty designed plug that locks into place safely allowing you to store your opened bottle. Perfect for wine and liquor or any other glass bottle based drink you wish to preserve. Insert into a bottle and bring the handle down to lock and seal its liquid contents. Bring the handle up to unlock, allowing for easy removal. Save that beverage for another time with the Bottle-Stopper. Read more

Turn Virtually Any Mobile Phone into a Conference Call Center

Ion Audio CALLCENTER Conference Speakerphone System for Smartphones

Ion Audio’s Call Center steps up the quality of your conference calls by adding crystal-clear amplification and multiple microphones to virtually any mobile phone. Simply connect your phone to CALL CENTER via its Bluetooth, rest your phone in the included cradle or anywhere close-by, and place a call. You’ll be up and running in seconds with conversations everyone in the room, and on the call, can hear. Four built-in microphones capture voices in the room from almost any angle, and the Conference Speakerphone System’s large speaker amplifies incoming voices so you hear them loud and clear.

The Conference Speakerphone System for Smartphones is perfect for corporate or home offices, large and small, or anywhere else that you need to hear and be heard clearly. With CALL CENTER you have the ability to communicate with your team or client without technology getting in the way. It saves you from having to purchase expensive phone conferencing equipment by making use of the technology you already have: your mobile phone
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