A Convenient, Compact and Travel Ready Contact Lens Kit

Evriholder Products LTK Contact Compact KitIf you wear Contact Lenses, then you know that storing and maintaining them are of great importance. The Contac Compact Kit from Evriholder Products provides you with convince, allowing you to clean and store your contacts all in one location. This simple kit provides a reservoir that holds up to three ounces of cleaning solution and stores both a left and right contact lens in their own individual locations while the built in mirror is handy for seeing what you are doing so you don’t poke your eyes out or anything. Simply unclick the bottom portion from the reservoir to access the contact lens storage area and mirror. Snap everything back in place when finished and easily pack the kit into your purse, luggage carry-on, or suitcase.
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Authentic Looking Jukebox Docking Station for your iPod or iPhone

Ion Audio Jukebox Dock Jr

The Jukebox Dock Jr. from Ion Audio is a fun and unique speaker dock for your iPhone or iPod. With an authentic looking Jukebox design, this docking station is complete with lighted, multicolored LED neon trim lights that surround your iPod or iPhone. Connect and charge your Apple device via the 30 pin dock connector or use the 1/8 audio input to connect other Smartphone or MP3 players. The Jukebox Dock Jr. works with many popular jukebox apps from the App store, so once you dock your iPhone or iPod, you’ll have a complete, classic looking jukebox filled with your favorite music.

  • High quality stereo speaker docking station
  • Lighted, multicolored neon trim with color-changing LED lights
  • Charges your Apple device while you enjoy your favorite music
  • Separate audio input to connect other devices
  • Works with many popular jukebox apps

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Be The Hostess With The Mostest!

Vacu Vin 3646450 WineTender and Rapid Ice Cooler

Chilling drinks quickly and keeping them cold is no longer a problem using the Vacu Vin Wine Tender. Now you can keep a bottle of wine cool on the table without all of the drippy mess of water and wet ice from the traditional wine bucket. At your next dinner party, backyard BBQ, or even picnic you can host an amazing get together and serve Wine in a dashing dispenser that will keep it at the perfect temperature for hours. Wow! Chilling made easy—no ice needed!

Say good-bye to those table top stained rings and stains on your table cloths from pouring directly from those wine bottles. We all know boxed wine is fabulous for any kind of party and makes it easier on guests to dispense, but who wants to leave a bulky box of wine out on your nicely decorated table for everyone to see?—Exactly, No one! The Wine Tender’s sleek and durable design holds up to three liters of your favorite boxed wine and makes it easily dispensable to your guests. Simply remove the wine bag out of the box and place it into the Wine Tender. Rapid Ice inserts are also included for wines that should be served chilled. Store the Rapid Ice inserts in your freezer until party time. When you are ready to serve the wine, put the frozen inserts into the Wine Tender and your wine will be cold within ten minutes. With the Rapid Ice inserts, your wine will stay at a desirable temperature long after the party has died down. Now, invite some friends over grab your favorite wine and just—CHILL OUT.

  • Holds up to 3 liters of wine
  • Can chill wine in 10 minutes and keep it cool for hours
  • Use with or without Rapid Ice cooling packs
  • Breaks down for easier portability and storage

Price: Normally $32.79 
Hot Deal $29.71



Man Law MAN-HY3 Hot Dog Griller

Go ahead—LOAD it up with your favorite dogs, sausages or brats! The days of turning dogs over one by one is so yesterday! The solution to even grilling and fuss-free turning of dogs and links has been found, thanks to the Man Law MAN-HY3. Designed to hold up to five wieners, this hot dog griller allows you to turn all your dogs at once for perfect grilling every time. The Five-slot stainless steel cooker produces professional-style results while keeping foods from falling through the grill at BBQs, picnics and tailgate parties. Made of durable metal, this griller features a non-stick coating for easy cooking and clean up.

Just place up to five hot dogs or sausages onto the Man Law MAN-HY3 and gently push or pull the griller to activate the cylinders then simply grill one side until done. Once, the cylinders are in motion they will roll the hot dog and expose a new side to the heat. You’ll never lose those unexpected roll-aways into the flames! When it’s time to flip, the stay-cool wooden handle is there to help and keeps your hands a safe distance from the heat. No spatulas necessary! You won’t even need to grab a potholder or mom’s oven mitts when you are grilling. Everything is flipped at the same time without the hassle of sticking to the grill. Its slim design frees up space to grill hamburgers or steaks alongside and speed grilling time. You can use the Man Law MAN-HY3 on gas, electric, and charcoal grills. Hot diggity!!! Your hot dogs will stay plump, juicy, and cooked to perfection every time!

And remember…Man Law Premium BBQ Tools—Man Laws: 1. Grilling is always the first choice of cooking. 2. Cutting meat to check for doneness is like sawing down a tree to find its age. 3. A garnish is a bad disguise for not buying enough food.

• Cooks up to 5 hot dogs at once
• Constructed of stainless steel for easy cleaning
• Wooden handle stays cool to the touch


Swipe Away Annoying Pet Hair With Ease

Evriholder Products FUR-D Furemover Pet Hair Removal ToolIf you own pets, then you more than likely have to deal with tons of loose hair scattered throughout your home and probably just about everything else including your clothes and car. Now you can clean up all that hair with the Furemover from Evriholder Products, a simple and effective tool that removes unwanted pet hair (and even lint) from not only your furry friend, but from carpeted surfaces, furniture, and whatever else needs some hair-removing-attention. The Furemover is made of durable rubber and features skinny bristles for removing hair and lint while the thicker bristles on the underside is made for grooming your dog or cat. The thick bristles remove loose hair while at the same time providing a massage that your little buddy is sure to love. Pet cleanup and removal is made easy with a simple swipe of the Furemover.
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