Get Convenient Viewing Access to Modulated Security Cameras or Analog Antenna and Cable TV Signals

Multi-Channel Tuner Demodulator - NM-TunerThe NetMedia TUNER demodulates one or more analog standard definition channels and outputs a single static or sequencing composite audio/video signal. Once demodulated, the selected channel(s) can be input into monitors, multiplexers, quads, DVR’s, or any composite A/V device including HD and digital TV’s. This provides convenient viewing access to modulated security cameras or analog antenna and cable TV signals.

  • Provides demodulated audio and video
  • Perfect for existing modulated cameras
  • Works with quads, multiplexers, and DVR’s
  • TV tuner for LCD, Plasma, or CRT monitors
  • Uses composite input on HD and digital TV’s
  • Sequences multiple channels
  • VHF, UHF, & CABLE channel coverage
  • Channels retained during power outage
  • Tough aluminum housing
  • Includes power supply

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