Create a Secure Storage Location on your Clothing for your iPhone, iPod touch or Android Smartphone

Underfuse is a performance iron-on pocket specifically designed for working out, running, and travel. It can be used to hold your phone, mp3 player, keys and cards. The pocket is joined to a special woven fabric infused with adhesive. The adhesive is specially formulated to bond to your favorite workout gear with a regular household iron. Underfuse has been tested to be as durable as the item you are attaching it to.

Underfuse is designed to work with all iPhone models (original, 3G, 3Gs, 4G, 4Gs), iPod Touch, most Android phones, most Blackberry phones, and all Palm/HP phones. Underfuse is designed to be bonded to performance textiles such as those made by all the popular sportswear brands. It will also bond to most other fabrics such as cotton. Make sure to test the apparel in an inconspicuous area to make sure it can handle the heat. On men our experience is that it works best when attached to compression shorts right on the front of the thigh. On women’s workout pants/shorts the front of the thigh works great as well. Women also have success attaching Underfuse to a tight workout top above the hip on the side of your body.

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Eco-Friendly Solution for Charging your iPhone or iPod

Bracketron UGC-387-BL Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger (30-Pin)

Help save the planet…one charge at a time! The Mushroom GreenZero Travel Charger features an exclusive GreenZero Technology – the most eco-friendly way to charge mobile devices while totally eliminating the wasteful stand-by consumption (Zero stand-by power) that other chargers consume when left plugged in. The Mushroom GreenZero automatically shuts off with zero standby power when your device is fully charged, saving energy, (up to 30% less power to charge) and lengthening the life of your battery by limiting the top-off charging time.
  • Unique design features one-click charging
  • Automatically shuts off with zero idle power when device is fully charged
  • Portable design to take with you and charge on the go
  • Included cord winder for tangle-free cable storage and transport
  • Apple 30-Pin version male connector cable

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BIG Things Really Do Come In Small Packages!

Speakal iKurv-BLK-01 iPhone and iPod Stereo Docking Station

Looking for a great addition for your iPhone? This iKurv from Speakal is perfect for a music lover and goes great with most Apple products such as iPhones and iPods. Big things really do come in small packages! Music has never sounded better. With a built-in digital amplifier it provides clean, crisp audio at high volumes throughout any room of your house or even at the office, while the integrated bass port provides an increase in low frequencies from the two inch speakers. Finally, you can enjoy your music and not worry about the iKurv killing your battery! It actually charges your phone at the same time, so you can use the stereo docking station to rock out to your favorite jams on Pandora or your personal playlists and use it to charge up your phone so the music never stops!

Simply convenient, with an eye-catching color and very well priced. The Speakal iKurv-BLK-01 iPhone and iPod Stereo Docking Station is an extremely great value for the performance and quality. The iKurv delivers 20 watts of crisp-clear-cut sound, and it comes with a remote commander that controls the speaker’s functions and helps you browse your iPhone or iPod’s menu. The accent light of the iKurv can also be changed to any of its 3 brightness levels using the remote. The iKurv even has a video pass through feature that will output video from your iPhone or iPod to a monitor via its RCA video output. The provided iPhone and iPod adapters allow you to dock older and newer iPhone and iPod variants allowing the iKurv to remain flexible regardless of what generation device you use. The iKurv is the solution for space saving with a decretive touch that uniquely blends in well with your home of office style.

• Compatible with multiple variants of the iPhone and iPod
• Built-in digital amplifier provides crystal clear audio at high volumes
• Wireless remote control allows you to be the DJ from a distance
• Charges your device while docked so the music never stops
• Adjustable ambient lighting provides mood and atmosphere during listening sessions
What’s Included
• 1x – iKurv-BLK-01 iPhone and iPod Stereo Docking Station
• 1x – Remote Control
• 1x – 3.5mm Stereo Line-in Cable
• 7x – iPod/iPhone Dock Adapters
• 1x – AC/DC Power Adapter
• 1x – User Manual

Price: Normally $79.99
Hot Deal $77.76



Rock Speaker Offers Incredible Outdoor Sound That Won’t Disrupt the Landscaping

Sierra Stone Speaker 100-Watt, Gray (Each)

  • Experience high-quality outdoor sound, without cluttering your patio with unattractive boxy speakers
  • Incredibly realistic rock finish – your guests will never suspect it’s a speaker
  • Fully weatherproof finish lets you enjoy it all year long

Experience the ultimate in outdoor entertainment with a high-performance sound system that blends with even the most meticulously manicured landscapes. The high-quality 100-Watt Sierra Stone Speaker is built with the look and feel of natural landscape rocks. In fact, it’s so realistic, your friends will never suspect that the great sound they’re hearing is coming from what looks like a beautiful landscape rock!

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Get Convenient Viewing Access to Modulated Security Cameras or Analog Antenna and Cable TV Signals

Multi-Channel Tuner Demodulator - NM-TunerThe NetMedia TUNER demodulates one or more analog standard definition channels and outputs a single static or sequencing composite audio/video signal. Once demodulated, the selected channel(s) can be input into monitors, multiplexers, quads, DVR’s, or any composite A/V device including HD and digital TV’s. This provides convenient viewing access to modulated security cameras or analog antenna and cable TV signals.

  • Provides demodulated audio and video
  • Perfect for existing modulated cameras
  • Works with quads, multiplexers, and DVR’s
  • TV tuner for LCD, Plasma, or CRT monitors
  • Uses composite input on HD and digital TV’s
  • Sequences multiple channels
  • VHF, UHF, & CABLE channel coverage
  • Channels retained during power outage
  • Tough aluminum housing
  • Includes power supply

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