A Uniquely Designed, Sleek iPod Dock with Built-in Touch Controls

Speakal iCrystal-BLK-01 iPod Stereo Docking Station
Unique, modern, and feature rich are just a few terms to describe the iCrystal from Speakal, a company known for their innovative and unrivaled iPod and iPhone Stereo Dock designs. Providing low distortion and high volume output, the iCrystal iPod Dock encompasses many features: A touch interface as well as a wireless remote control so you can pick and choose your music from a distance. An integrated auxiliary input jack connects non-iPod audio sources while the onboard ambient lighting provides mood and ambiance making it perfect for those night time listening sessions. The iCrystal can be powered by the included AC adapter or, with the flip of a switch, can be powered by four AA batteries (not included). Thanks to the iCrystal’s unique speaker housing design you can enjoy 360° audio because the volume output is just about the same from the front of as it is from the back allowing the iCrystal to fill the room with music.
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