The Cooler Seat That Will Beat the Heat!

12v Cooling Car Summer Seat

Summer is right around the corner—this one looks like it’s going to be a real scorcher! The weather is warming up and the blistering hot sun is staying out longer, so we all know what that means; summer is soon approaching— forecasting a record breaking hot, long summer. But have no fear; with a 12V Cooling Car Summer Seat you can definitely beat the heat this summer, whether you’re driving in your car or in your office.

Why mess with sticky hot leather seats…stop fussing with those crucial burns from the hot summer sun. It’s time to install a seat cooler for a more pleasant ride. By investing in a 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat it will provide almost instant relief from that blazing summer sun. It is powered by your car’s battery or any wall socket which will soon trigger a cooling fan.

Just slip the 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat over your seat back and then buckle and tighten it around the seat securely. Plug the 12-volt car plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, and the cushion will start to cool down immediately. Adjust the fan speed for cooler air. You’ll also appreciate the seat’s breathable fabric, which is much more comfortable on hot days than your car’s leather seats.

You won’t forget to turn off the seat’s fan, even if you step away from your desk at work or if you accidentally leave it on at home. The 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat shuts off automatically after an hour of use.

• Adjustable cooling control
• Plugs into car charger or wall for home, office or car use
• Easy installation with adjustable straps
What’s Included
• Car seat
• 12-volt adapter
• Instructions

Price: Normally $59.99
Hot Deal $52.16


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