Take A Bite Out Of Work With A Rapid Shark!

RAPID TOOLS RAPID SHARK Heavy-Duty Combination Utility Knife, Strips 10 to 18 AWG

Finally! A Handyman’s dream—perfect for a casual DIYer or a professional the amazing, multi-function Rapid Tools Rapid Shark Heavy-duty Combination Utility Knife is two specialized tools in one sleek, rugged case. Tired of buying utility knives with hard to grip holders and cheap blades that breaks after a couple uses? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get multiple uses out of one tool versus wasting time going back and fourth to your tool box when cutting carpet, drywall, nylon rope, asphalt shingles, or any other fixer-upper line of work.

The all new Rapid Tools Rapid Shark Heavy-duty Combination Utility Knife is the only tool that combines a professional utility knife with a quality wire stripper, cutter and crimper. No more hustle and bustle with those outdated utility knives—now you can get twice as much done with a single tool, for one outstanding low price. The Shark’s knife and wire stripper are uniquely combined in a rugged, ergonomic case that’s about the same size as a standard knife. It includes five Rapid Edge patented, serrated blades that cut better and are guaranteed to last longer. The Shark’s pliers-like grip for the wire stripper locks securely into the body of the knife when it is not in use. For easy opening and comfortable cutting action, the Shark’s knife is spring loaded along with five precision-ground stripping holes in order to easily remove insulation from thick 10 to 18 gauge wires. Extra blades can also be stored within the holder and a quick change design allows you to efficiently remove an old blade and replace it with a new one. Take a bite out of your work and make that next project easier on you with a Rapid Tools Rapid Shark Heavy-duty Combination Utility Knife.

  • First and only tool to combine a utility knife with a wire cutter, stripper and crimper
  • Spring-loaded wire cutter opens easily and cuts comfortably
  • Pliers-style, wire-stripper hand grip locks securely into the body of the knife when not in use
  • One-button, quick blade change is easy & saves time. No tools required
  • Includes five (5) patented RAPID EDGE® serrated blades and storage for them in the handle
  • Strips, cuts and crimps 10 to 18 gauge wire

What’s Included

  •  RAPID TOOLS RAPID SHARK Heavy-duty Combination Utility Knife, Strips 10-18 AWG
  •  Three (5) patented RAPID EDGE serrated blades

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The Cooler Seat That Will Beat the Heat!

12v Cooling Car Summer Seat

Summer is right around the corner—this one looks like it’s going to be a real scorcher! The weather is warming up and the blistering hot sun is staying out longer, so we all know what that means; summer is soon approaching— forecasting a record breaking hot, long summer. But have no fear; with a 12V Cooling Car Summer Seat you can definitely beat the heat this summer, whether you’re driving in your car or in your office.

Why mess with sticky hot leather seats…stop fussing with those crucial burns from the hot summer sun. It’s time to install a seat cooler for a more pleasant ride. By investing in a 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat it will provide almost instant relief from that blazing summer sun. It is powered by your car’s battery or any wall socket which will soon trigger a cooling fan.

Just slip the 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat over your seat back and then buckle and tighten it around the seat securely. Plug the 12-volt car plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, and the cushion will start to cool down immediately. Adjust the fan speed for cooler air. You’ll also appreciate the seat’s breathable fabric, which is much more comfortable on hot days than your car’s leather seats.

You won’t forget to turn off the seat’s fan, even if you step away from your desk at work or if you accidentally leave it on at home. The 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat shuts off automatically after an hour of use.

• Adjustable cooling control
• Plugs into car charger or wall for home, office or car use
• Easy installation with adjustable straps
What’s Included
• Car seat
• 12-volt adapter
• Instructions

Price: Normally $59.99
Hot Deal $52.16


Great Sound. Compact Size. Good Looks.-Fill Your Room With Superb Sound

Edifier iF360 Esiena Complete Home Audio System

Rock out with your favorite stars and dance like nobody’s watching. Turn up the bass or pump up the volume to your desired tunes. Wouldn’t you love to bring the true essence of live performances right into your home? Well it’s now possible with the Esiena from Edifier. Our innovative all-in-one music system produces a combination of superb lifelike sound for any room in your home or even in your office.

 This complete home audio solution compliments all surroundings, bringing you closer to the stage with its uncompromised sound quality. Vocals sound crystal clear and instruments ring in harmony. The music sounds more natural than ever before and truly brings out a live performance setting throughout your home.

 The Esiena from Edifier comes complete with a USB connection, SD card reader, CD, CD MP3 and CD WMA operation, iPod and iPhone docking station and FM radio. The docking station for Apple devices is cleverly disguised in a pop up design and you are able to navigate your iPhone through the included remote control. The LCD display shows the time, date, and input information and the attractive controls on top of the unit allows simple navigation to your favorite song or radio station. The Esiena would compliment the decorum of any room and will ensure that all your audio needs are satisfied.

  • FM radio, alarm clock, auxiliary input, CD, and Apple dock control functions
  • Intelligent Loudness Control (ILC) technology for enhanced bass performance
  • Full function remote control, supports iPod/iPhone navigation
  • Innovative remote control storage
  • Sleek and modern design delivers 30W x 2 of total sound

What’s Included

·  1x – Esiena Complete Home Audio System

·  1x – Remote Control (batteries not included)

·  1x – Power Supply

·  1x – Soft Carry Pouch

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Use this Plug-in Adapter as an Alternative Power Supply for the Voice Tracker II Array Microphone

Acoustic Magic 202 USB Wall Power Converter for the Voice Tracker II
If you already own or plan to purchase an Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II Array Microphone, included with your purchase is a USB power cable. If it is not connected to a PC, power can be provided from this optional USB wall power converter. This converter is for a 120V AC, USA outlet. It converts that voltage into a 5V DC power supply @ 500mA. This inexpensive backup power supply adapter is ideal to keep around in case you ever take your Voice Tracker II Array Microphone to a place where USB power is not available.

  • Compatible with USB power cable included with the Acoustic magic Voice Tracker II Array Microphone
  • Plug-in adapter
  • Converts 120V AC to 5V DC @ 500mA

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