Attractive 2.1 Speaker System Delivers an Excellent Audio Experience

Edifier S730 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System

  • Wooden MDF housing for all speakers with glossy piano finish on satellite speakers
  • Passive radiator on both sides of the subwoofer amplifying bass performance
  • Switchable analogue/digital input ports for a variety of audio source connecting capabilities
  • Separate bass and treble adjustment capabilities
  • Multifunctional wireless remote for convenience

The S730 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System from Edifier is an elegant yet powerful wooden housed speaker and subwoofer set and boasts 300 watts of pure power. The 2-way satellite speakers and 10 inch subwoofer create a supreme, smooth dynamic audio, effortlessly controlled by the included wired and wireless remote control. The wired remote control has a crystal clear LED display screen that shows you the volume, speaker, and subwoofer levels. With multiple switchable analog and digital audio ports, the S730 Speaker System can be connected with a diverse range of audio applications. This speaker set is ideal for PC use.

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