End Annoying Dog Barking!

Rechargeable Bark Control Collar
Don’t just scold your dog when he starts barking. End your pet’s excessive barking with a humane bark-control collar. When your dog barks, the Rechargeable Bark Control Collar instantly emits a mild correction (similar to a static shock) and then resets. The dog quickly learns that the barking is unacceptable, and peace and quiet in your home is restored.

The Rechargeable Bark Control Collar’s auto-set feature automatically adapts to your dog’s bark. The more he barks, the higher the correction. And unlike basic bark control collars that only provide negative correction, this collar also lowers the correction levels as your dog learns not to bark. You can also choose one of seven stimulation levels to match your dog’s temperament.

This system is incredibly easy to use, with no external controls or settings to hassle with. The Rechargeable Bark Control Collar features an ultra compact collar, is 100-percent waterproof, and is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery. Because it can only be triggered by the vocal cords of the dog wearing the collar, the Rechargeable Bark Control Collar is totally safe to use around other barking dogs, like in kennels and dog parks. In fact, these units are veterinarian recommended for safe and effective bark control training.

At only 2.5 ounces, the Rechargeable Bark Control Collar is extremely compact and lightweight. The receiver is rugged and 100-percent waterproof, so it can be used indoors or out and on any dog. This new generation of bark-control products requires no external vibration sensor – all working parts are housed inside the rugged case.

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Attractive 2.1 Speaker System Delivers an Excellent Audio Experience

Edifier S730 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System

  • Wooden MDF housing for all speakers with glossy piano finish on satellite speakers
  • Passive radiator on both sides of the subwoofer amplifying bass performance
  • Switchable analogue/digital input ports for a variety of audio source connecting capabilities
  • Separate bass and treble adjustment capabilities
  • Multifunctional wireless remote for convenience

The S730 Multimedia 2.1 Speaker System from Edifier is an elegant yet powerful wooden housed speaker and subwoofer set and boasts 300 watts of pure power. The 2-way satellite speakers and 10 inch subwoofer create a supreme, smooth dynamic audio, effortlessly controlled by the included wired and wireless remote control. The wired remote control has a crystal clear LED display screen that shows you the volume, speaker, and subwoofer levels. With multiple switchable analog and digital audio ports, the S730 Speaker System can be connected with a diverse range of audio applications. This speaker set is ideal for PC use.

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Take Care of Your Eye Strain with the Power of Massage

Breo iSee310 Eye Massager

Eye strain can be a seriously exhausting and annoying thing to deal with. Just about every thing we do these days involves having to stare at some kind of screen such as your mobile phone or LCD screen at work. Breo makes it easy by delivering a unique way of handling such bodily nuisances with the iSee310 Eye Massager. This comfy mask is like a pillow for the area around your eyes with built in abilities to help erase those dark circles caused by eye strain. Foldable and portable by design, the iSee310 brings to your eyes the power of massage with infrared heat and air pressure which increase the oxygen supply to your eyes improving overall blood circulation and aiding in a much more enjoyable day. Relax even further with the integrated music player. Select from Yoga inspired music, birds chirping, running waves, and many other ambient music and sounds, all of which promise to dive you deeper into relaxation.
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Be Alerted When Something is Behind You When Driving While in Reverse

The ReverseGUARD is an automotive safety product designed to reduce accidents while backing by providing information to the driver when their vehicle is in reverse. Four sensors built into the ReverseGUARD system use the latest in ultrasonic technology to alert the driver of objects behind the vehicle. When the driver puts the vehicle in reverse, ReverseGUARD is automatically activated. It will sense when objects are within six to eight feet of the rear of the vehicle and will alert the driver by emitting an intermittent alarm inside the vehicle. As the vehicle moves closer to the object, the alarm alerting the driver sounds more quickly until a steady alarm is heard at a distance of about 1.5 feet.

  • Alerts driver when objects are within six to eight feet of the rear of the vehicle
  • Intermittent alarm sounds more quickly as the vehicle moves closer to the object
  • Half-Frame system can accommodate most state-specific laws
  • Sensor allows you to see which side of the rear of the vehicle is closer to the object
  • Raises the resale value of your car or truck