Is Dad ALWAYS On-The-Go?-Keep His Beverage Hot On The Road With The RoadPro 12 Volt Thermal Mug!

RoadPro RP19SS 12 Volt Thermal Mug

Do you like to travel with your coffee or tea? Are you tired of cleaning up spills? Ever imagine how delightful it would be if your first sip were as freshly-hot tasting as your last? Now it could be, with investing in a RoadPro 12 Volt Thermal Mug you could enjoy your deliciously brewed cup of coffee to perfection as it will maintain its steaming hot beverage temperature.

The RoadPro RP19SS is great for travelling and everyday commuting, fitting perfectly into your cup holder. It plugs directly into your car’s power outlet/lighter socket or a USB port to keep your beverages piping hot on the road or even on your desk. The durable stainless steal construction makes this mug resist breakage and maintain beverage temperature for several hours. It also features a non-skid rubber base and slide closure lid which helps prevent leaks and spills. Now you can feel better about those daily trips to get your caffeine fix!

What’s Included

• 16 ounce thermal mug
• USB power cord
• 12 volt adapter plug for USB cord


• Plugs into USB port or your car’s power outlet/lighter
• Durable construction – stainless steel inside and out
• Slide closure lid and rubber base
• Great for traveling or commuting
• 16oz. thermal mug keeps drinks hot, even after unplugging
• Plugs into your USB Port or cigarette lighter socket
• Includes USB power cord and 12-volt adapter plug
• Durable construction – stainless steel inside and out
• Fits in your cup holder
• Comfort grip handle
• Non-skid rubber base
• Slide closure lid reduces spills
• Rubber cap covers power jack for cleaning
• Great for traveling and everyday commuting

Price: Normally $21.99
Hot Deal $16.18

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