View High Quality, Real Time Video Over the Internet

Channel Vision 6530 Indoor Dome 1.3 Megapixel IP Color Camera

Channel Vision’s indoor 1.3 megapixel dome CMOS IP camera offers superior image quality and has the ability to capture images up to 1200 x 800 pixels. With H.264 compression, less bandwidth and storage space are used, while delivering full resolution at max frame rate with faster speeds over the internet. The Channel Vision 6530 also features event triggered micro SD card recording. Video monitoring can be done anywhere an Internet connection is available even from a Smartphone or Tablet.

The Channel Vision 6530 is designed for large commercial projects using hundreds of cameras or a single family home requiring one camera at the front door. This IP dome camera is easily installable on walls and ceilings in indoor location. Its image data can be seen by users via the Internet. The dome camera supports many different and specialized functions. Users can with the help of the Internet easily change or modify the settings. This camera is dual-mode and operates MPEG4 or MJPEG video compressions.
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Let Your Pet Float on the Water or Relax Poolside with You

GoodLife Designs DPPDL-LKB Poochie Pool & Deck Lounger, Large, Kentucky Blue
Whether in the water or on the deck, the Poochie Pool & Deck Lounger is sure to please! In hot weather, dogs love to stay cool. Indulge your pet with an attractive, easy-to-use treat that provides comfort and relief from seasonal heat. Constructed of top-quality vinyl-coated fabric that surrounds a polyfoam filling, the Poochie Pool & Deck Lounger delivers a product that’s fashionable and functional. It resists stains, fading, odors and mildew. The tear-resistant vinyl coated fabric is easy to maintain and clean. Simply hose it off and you’re done! For those more challenging mishaps a light cleaning solution is recommended and won’t harm the product. On a hot day a damp Poochie Pool & Deck Lounger provides comfort and refreshment for those pets who may not favor being in the water but enjoy floating on the water or relaxing next to it.
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USB Powered, Ultra Thin Amplified HDTV Antenna

This indoor antenna is an ultra thin television antenna that connects to your TV can mount to your wall, under a cabinet, behind a picture or just about anywhere you can think of to eliminate the “eye sore” that other antennas may present.

The Leaf™ Plus enables your TV to receive free HDTV signals, and features a high gain, low noise state-of-the-art pHEMT (psuedomorphic high electron mobility transistor) amplifier to provide additional gain to increase signal range and improve the quality of those HDTV signals.

The USB power injector at the end of the antenna cable allows you to plug in a mini USB cable to the included power cube or into a USB port on your TV, if it has one. Plugging the USB power injector into your TV is recommended because this will only power the amplifier when the TV is turned on, eliminating parasitic power consumption when the amplifier isn’t needed. The amplifier provides 10 – 15 dB of gain across all TV channels and has the lowest noise figure possible. The amplifier on the Leaf™ Plus is placed at the antenna which makes it possible to locate the antenna further from the TV without significant signal loss with the use of a quality F-Type Connector Adaptor and RG6 Cable.

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Aquarium and Filtration System Specifically Designed for Jellyfish

Jellyfish majestically and almost effortlessly glide through the water in a truly hypnotic fashion and now they can do so in a living room, bedroom or even an office. From Jellyfish Art comes the winner of the 2011 Global Pet Expo’s best in show aquatic category, the Desktop Jellyfish Tank. The jellyfish tank is specifically designed for jellyfish because they are not capable of surviving in a traditional, rectangular, fish tank without major modifications. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank is circular in design and fitted with a filtration system that keeps the jellyfish suspended in the water. The tank is capable of housing up to 5 jellyfish and can even support jellyfish friends such as red leg hermit crabs, cleaner snails, damselfish and more. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank also comes with color-changing LEDs at the bottom of the tank which are controlled via an included remote. It is this feature that takes the Desktop Jellyfish Tank from cool to stunning because it turns the tank into a piece of living art.
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