Induction Cooking Set will Save Time and Money

Fagor 670040610 2 Piece Induction Cook Set
Cooking with an induction burner is not only faster but also more energy efficient which saves you time and money. An induction burner can go from a simmer to boiling in a matter of seconds cutting down cooking times by as much as 50% compared to traditional stove tops. It is also an eco friendly way to cook because it utilizes 90% of its produced energy compared to traditional stove tops which use about 50%. What this means is that the energy produced is concentrated on the diameter of pot or pan so that it heats up quicker leaving the area around it cool to touch which is not the case with other cooking methods. Being that efficient means owner’s will benefit from cheaper electric bills and spend less time in the kitchen. Another feature to this induction burner is safety. The burner can detect when there is no cookware on it and in this case it will automatically shut off in the event it was left on or the power was accidentally turned on. Its compact size makes it ideal for bringing on the go as it can be used where ever an outlet is available. It has 10 different power settings which range in temperature from 140°F to 430°F plus a timer option up to 150 minutes. Included in this set is an induction compatible, 9.5″ skillet. Compatible cookware for induction cooktops are steel or cast iron, enameled iron and stainless steel.
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