Maximize Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake With a Healthy Squeeze Slow Juicer

Fagor 670041650 Healthy Squeeze Slow JuicerThe vitamins and nutrients our bodies receive from fruits and vegetables are essential for our health and every day living. The Slow Juicer from Fagor makes consuming the fruits and vegetables our bodies need each day an easier task by allowing us to drink them. Through juicing one can consume more fruits and vegetables at a time than could be eaten while still preserving the organic nutrients and taste. Juicing also allows for the creating of a variety of recipes so fruits or vegetables that might not be favorites or enjoyed eating whole can be combined with favorites so its nutrients can still be gained. The Slow Juicer uses a 2-step process to extract juices twice using an auger before filling the glass without grinding or shredding the food to do so. The Slow Juicer works at a speed of 80-90 RPM, plugs into standard 110-120V household outlets and is ETL approved. Included with this juicer is a recipe booklet as well as an instructional DVD.
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