Enjoy Up to 500 Of Your Favorite Songs and 15 Hours of Playtime Anywhere

SanDisk SDMX18R-002GK-A57 Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player, 2GB - Black
The Sansa Clip+ from SanDisk is a compact MP3 player that boasts an array of cool features, as well as distinctively big sound for its small size. With 2GB of space, this portable music player is able to hold up to 30 hours of music, which is the rough equivalent of up to 500 different songs in MP3 format. In WMA format, this player is able to hold up to 64 hours of music, or up to 1,000 songs. The Sansa Clip+ is ideal for the fitness enthusiast or traveler because it comes with a fashionable clip that easily clips to your belt, waistband, or other areas. This player also boasts an array of other features such as a micro SD card slot for more music storage, FM radio, and microphone for recording special notes or instructions when needed. Expand your music selection by using a Micro SD Memory Card. The long lasting battery provides up to 15 hours of playtime and a bright OLED screen makes navigation of this device exceptionally easy.
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Maximize Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake With a Healthy Squeeze Slow Juicer

Fagor 670041650 Healthy Squeeze Slow JuicerThe vitamins and nutrients our bodies receive from fruits and vegetables are essential for our health and every day living. The Slow Juicer from Fagor makes consuming the fruits and vegetables our bodies need each day an easier task by allowing us to drink them. Through juicing one can consume more fruits and vegetables at a time than could be eaten while still preserving the organic nutrients and taste. Juicing also allows for the creating of a variety of recipes so fruits or vegetables that might not be favorites or enjoyed eating whole can be combined with favorites so its nutrients can still be gained. The Slow Juicer uses a 2-step process to extract juices twice using an auger before filling the glass without grinding or shredding the food to do so. The Slow Juicer works at a speed of 80-90 RPM, plugs into standard 110-120V household outlets and is ETL approved. Included with this juicer is a recipe booklet as well as an instructional DVD.
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Conveniently Unlock Your Door with the Push of a Button within 30 Feet

LockState LS-DB500R-SN Electronic Deadbolt with RF Remote, Satin Chrome
If you’ve ever been stuck fumbling around with a handful of items while trying to find your door keys then the Electronic Deadbolt with RF Remote from LockState is your answer. This lock completely eliminates the need for a key because it offers 2 keyless alternatives for unlocking the door which are user code on the keypad or push of a button on the RF remote control. The included RF keyfob remote adds increased convenience to this product because it has a working range of up to 30 feet from the door. This feature means that if you know your hands are going to be full the door can be unlocked ahead of time or while approaching with simply the push of a button. They keyfob can attach to a key-ring for added convenience but is small enough to stash in pocket or purse. Because convenience is king it doesn’t stop with the RF remote. The lock also has a backlit, ten-digit keypad that will allow for the programming of up to 6 access codes. Each user access code can be between 4-10 digits long and is a great way to limit having to give a door key to family, friends or maintenance. Codes can easily be deleted and added to the Electronic Deadbolt as needed which is much easier than tracking down a key or having to change a lock. The system also allows for one-time access codes to be used. This handy feature is ideal for use with cleaners, handymen or guests that only require one-time access to your home. The keypad is also conveniently backlit making it easy to see and use at night. However, should someone be attempting to gain access that shouldn’t be the deadbolt will disable itself for 45 seconds after 5 incorrect keypad entries. Read more