Automatically Protect Your Property from Flood Damage

Let us provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that PipeBurst Pro is working to protect your home or business, 24 hours a day, against flooding, leaks or failures in the plumbing system. PipeBurst Pro provides its owners with the most complete flood detection and prevention solution available in the market today. Leaks of various types and sizes are common and if allowed to continue can cause extensive damage and severe property loss. Being prepared for leaks can not only help keep your family and business assets safe, it can also help minimize flood damage and reduce the time and costs of recovery. The PipeBurst Pro Sr. Starter Kit is the pinnacle of flood damage prevention, containing all the components necessary to monitor for leaks and automatically shut down water flow in the event one is detected.

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Attractive Portfolio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard for your Samsung Galaxy 10.1

HipStreet HS-GXY10CASE-3IN1 Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Portfolio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

The Samsung Galaxy 10.1 case, complete with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, securely holds your Samsung Galaxy 10.1 keeping it safe from impacts, abrasions, and scratches. The case is designed to perfectly angle your Galaxy 10.1 for optimum viewing. Your Galaxy 10.1 is securely stored away with a magnetic lock. Another amazing feature is the Bluetooth keyboard is completely detachable from the case. The Bluetooth keyboard can be paired up with most Bluetooth devices which makes it a perfect companion for people who are on the go or always travelling. In addition, the case can be carried without the Bluetooth keyboard keeping the case nice and light. With your tablet securely in place in the portfolio case, all the ports remain easily accessible.

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