Premium Quality Enclosure as Recognized by the American Kennel Club

Jewett-Cameron CL 70408 AKC Probreeder Kennel
If you a looking for a professional enclosure for your dog, or other pet, this is the choice for you. The Jewett-Cameron CL 70408 AKC Probreeder Kennel features a commercial grade steel frame, with 8 gauge welded wire mesh and a round tube design. It uses a 2-Step powder coating process for a premium finish resistant to the elements. After welding, the complete panel is coated with zinc enriched primer then powder coated to inhibit rust. Center mesh weld, eliminates sharp edges. All kennels have a safety square corner design and 1″ raised legs for easy cleaning to help prevent bacteria build-up. All kennels include a lockable, dog-safe latch.
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Automatically Closes Garage when Left Open and Grants Entrance via Fingerprint or Numeric Code

Xceltronix i-touch/autocloser i-Touch with Autocloser KitThe i-Touch with Autocloser Kit from Xceltronix is designed to provide increased home security as well as added ease for users and guests to enter their home through the garage. The kit consists of 2 main components, an i-Touch biometric fingerprint scanner and a garage door Autocloser which will shut a garage door automatically when it is left open longer than a pre-set amount of time. The i-Touch device is capable of learning up to 30 different fingerprints as well as 30 different numeric access codes and mounts to the garage door frame with or without an existing gang box. It grants keyless access to pre-approved users that have been given a numeric access code or have their fingerprint saved in the i-Touch database. The Autocloser, which the i-Touch connects to, is what opens and closes the garage door automatically and it is powered by a 9Vdc power supply which is included with the purchase. With an Autocloser users will have peace of mind to know that their garage door will never be accidentally left open all day or night because a pre-set time limit will automatically close it when left open.
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Waterproof Jacket Provides a Pop-Out Table for You Tablet

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Smart Pullover Jacket is Waterproof and Provides a Working Platform to use iPad with Both Hands On the Go

Not quite something out of The Matrix, the LEDGE Pullover Jacket from Alphyn provides much more functionality. Modeled after the toolkit by military EOD bomb technicians, this jacket provides a comfy home for your tablet device while maintaining its full functionality turning you into a Tablet-Street-Commando. Look good while feeling warm. The Alphyn LEDGE Pullover Jacket allows you to use both hands while interacting with your tablet. When you’re ready to escape the digital world and come back down to reality, simply zip it up to hide it away. Simple!

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  • Jacket with drop down pocket for iPad
  • Pocket securely holds device freeing both hands
  • Zips up and stores device when not in use
  • Military inspired design for efficiency
  • Waterproof jacket with zip up neck

iPads and tablets are everywhere now and apart of many peoples regular, every day life whether it be for work, play or both. Alphyn knows how integral these devices are in everyday life and that most bring them with where ever they go and it is because of that the LEDGE™ Pullover Jacket was designed. This smart jacket is modeled after the toolkit worn by military EOD bomb technicians who need a working platform at a moments notice. The LEDGE Pullover Jacket also features this working platform but tailored to work ideally with the iPad. A zippered pocket on the chest/stomach region of this jacket opens up to reveal a drop down platform to hold an iPad perfectly. The platform pocket features a harness system that attaches to the device which will keep it securely in place when brought down for use. This will then allow both hands to be free for use rather than holding and trying to steady it with one while the other one works. Best of all, when done using the iPad simply zip the pocket back up to quickly and conveniently store the device and continue on. While zipped up and stowed in the platform pocket the device will be protected from light impact, water and will distribute the added weight amongst the upper body to reduce fatigue. This means one less thing to have loosely throw in a backpack, briefcase or potentially eliminate the need to carry or hold anything additional altogether. Aside from the iPad pocket the LEDGE has a small zippered middle kangaroo pocket that sits between 2 side hand pockets. Read More