A Tent That Protects Your Plants, Fulfills Your Circus Dreams (if you want it to)

Product Title (In box)


Protect Tender Shrubs and Perennial Flowers from Overwhelming Environmental Conditions

Weather conditions can be pretty intense sometimes, not so much for you, but for your plants. Jewett-Cameron introduces the IS 71020 Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouse, essentially a tent that protects your plants during intense weather conditions. You could also hangout in it and play and stuff by setting up a circus in your backyard. Just an idea. Its translucent fabric is UV protected, sturdy rust resistant frame, and integrated netting keeps the bugs away making it curiously attractive for circus acts and an audience. Sadly, this tent is for plants and plants only! So, keep the dancing bears  and (killer) clowns locked away.

This way boys and girls, for more information:

  • Decorative powder coat finish matches valance on cover and walls
  • Sturdy, rust resistant frame
  • Translucent fabric is UV protected for long life
  • Roll-up windows allow for cross ventilation and climate control
  • Windows are equipped with insect netting to help control pests that can damage young plants
  • Wing nut assembly does not require tools

It is not easy to protect your plants and foliage from the variety of wind and weather conditions Mother Nature throws at them. The Jewett-Cameron IS 71020 Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouse is a DIY project that delivers a premier defense against those conditions. Setup is a breeze, and simply requires you to follow the included instructions and attach all of the include wing nuts – there is no need for professional services. Built-in windows allow for greater airflow and are equipped with insect netting to help control pests that can damage young plants. With a sold, sturdy design and plenty of headroom, this greenhouse provides the necessary protection and heat that your plants require for a healthy life. Read More

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