Use on any computer and leave it as if you were never there

SurfEasy SE1 Plug-In USB Adapter for Private and Secure Web Browsing

Your Personal Web Browser Everywhere You Go
SurfEasy gives you the convenience of a personal web browser on any computer. Always have your bookmarks, passwords and browser preferences with you at all times.

Secure Private Web Browsing
Secure the Internet connection on any computer. SurfEasy automatically establishes an encrypted tunnel through our private network. Everything you do inside of the SurfEasy browser is protected by the same encryption used by the world’s leading banks.

Internet Privacy Let’s You Secure All Your Web Surfing
The portable SurfEasy USB key launches a password protected web browser that secures your Internet traffic using the same encryption as the world’s leading banks. All web history, bookmarks and passwords are stored on the SurfEasy USB Key ensuring personal information is not left behind for others to see.

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Leave your Home Theater, Computer and Gadgets Plugged-in Without Wasting Electricity

Bits Limited LPG3 10-Outlet Smart Power Strip Surge Protector and Charging Station

The Bits Limited LPG3 10-Outlet Smart Power Strip Surge Protector and Charging Station was designed to turn off all auto-switching outlets when all connected batteries and battery chargers are completely charged. This saves you money on your electric bills and extends the life of your batteries. It features 10 outlets; three ‘Constant Hot’ outlets that always receive power when the strip is on and seven ‘Charging’ outlets. Stop wasted power from your AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt battery rechargers, cell phones, smart phones, iPods MP3 players and much more. It has 1950 joules of surge protection and provides 3-way, 6000V and 85500A of protection. With the powerful surge protection and an award-winning ergonomic design; attention to detail shines through every inch, from the plug shape to the recessed power switch.

What Can I Save Money On?
The Smart strip can be used to save energy on computer systems, office setups and home entertainment systems mostly. They can also be used to automate lights & vacuums on your shop equipment and various other situations around homes and offices. With our wide variety of models and uses the Smart Strip can be a valuable asset to any home or office. Explore all models and ask us questions to find the best fit for you so you can start saving energy and money!

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