A Stimulating Activity Play Surface for a Developing Young Child

Children's Factory CF322-361 See Me Picture MatThe Children’s Factory See Me Picture Mat is a soft rainbow colored vinyl mat geared towards aiding in the development of a young child. This 36″ x 36″ mat features 6 clear pockets designed to each hold a 4″ x 6″ picture to help children learn and recognize images and faces. For example put a picture of each member in the family in each pocket so that while the child is rolling around on the mat they will continually see and become accustomed to the familiar faces of their family. At the center of the circular mat is a flexible shatter-resistant mirror which will allow inquisitive young children to also see themselves. The mat is broken up into 6 color sections of purple, red, orange, yellow, green and blue each with a clear pocket for adding a picture.
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Bluetooth Keyboard Phone Case for iPhone 4/4S Makes Texting and Emailing Easier

Keystone ECO SKB4-001 SLIDER Bluetooth Keyboard
If you ever get frustrated typing on your iPhone’s touch-screen then the SLIDER Bluetooth Keyboard is the answer to your problems. This helpful case is designed specifically for the iPhone 4/4S and connects to the phone via a simple to setup Bluetooth connection. Once connected typing out text messages and emails will be a breeze because the keyboard slides out from behind the iPhone revealing a full QWERTY 50-key mini keyboard. Recharging the SLIDER will take between 2-2.5 hours via a USB cable connection and once fully charged it has a very long battery life of up to 30 working hours. Setup is hassle-free with no software to install requiring only a 4-digit PIN once the device has been located on the connecting phone. Read more

Portable USB Kit Includes 4 Common USB Adapters to Supply Power to Various Devices

The Xtreme 50699 USB 2.0 Travel Kit with Retractable Cable is perfect for the person on the go. The compact retractable cable takes up virtually no space when not in use. The kit includes the four most common adapters for USB cables – USB Type-A, USB Type- B, Mini USB and Micro USB. This kit is also a great backup when you have lost or damaged an existing cable. So, whether you need to transfer data, send a document to your printer, transfer images from your digital camera, or power your cell phone, this versatile cable kit may be the solution for you!


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