Easy to Pull Panic Alarm will Call Attention to Your Situation if Needed

Mommy I'm Here Q-Alarm Silver Rip Cord Personal Panic Alarm, Silver
From Mommy I’m Here comes the Rip Cord Personal Panic Alarm which is a must have safety device for all ages. Anyone can come across a situation in which they have to alert nearby people that they are in need of help and in some instances a yelp won’t do the trick. That is where the Personal Panic Alarm comes in handy. This tiny device can fit in a purse, on a keychain, around a belt or simply in a pocket and when pulled it will release a piercing 96db alarm which is sure to attract the attention of any nearby patrons. Have a child that walks home from school by themselves each day? Attach this device to their backpack and instruct them on how it is used so that if they ever feel as if they’re in a bad situation they can easily alert nearby adults for help. It also works perfectly to help locate a child if they ever become separated from a parent. By simply sounding the alarm it shouldn’t take to long before being able to pinpoint where they are. The front of the device also contains a bright LED light to help make it easily visible by others at night.
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