Distribute A-BUS Audio Signal and Power to Up to Four Rooms/Zones

Leviton HKABH Architectural Edition JBL A-Bus Hub 4-Zone System Expansion
The Leviton HKABH Architectural Edition JBL A-Bus Hub 4-Zone System Expansion is designed for use with the HKAVR A/V Receiver to distribute a second assigned audio source to up to four rooms/zones equipped with A-Bus volume controls. The A-Bus system topology enables an Audio/Video Receiver also to operate a complete multi-room amplified system from a single location. The hub connects to the HKAVR Harman/Kardon multi-room receiver output jacks to receive the assigned audio source and distributes that signal to the A-Bus volume controls located in different rooms. The hub supplies power to the entire A-Bus system as well as manages IR remote-control signal routing. Harman/Kardon offers the ability to connect with an A-BUS hub and amplified volume controls. This makes it possible to add multi-room music distribution right off the back of a compatible receiver. The 4-zone A-BUS hub connects quickly and easily to the compatible interface port on the back of the advanced HKAVR receiver.
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Send an Immediate, Accurate Alerts when Fluid Levels Rise

Aleph America FS-3101 Fluid Level Sensor for Monitoring Increasing Fluid Levels

  • Hardwired accessory for security systems, alert systems or home automation systems
  • Sends a signal when fluid levels rise

Equip your home security system, alert system or home automaton system with this hardwired Aleph America FS-3101 Fluid Level Sensor. Typically used in areas where water exists, when fluid levels lower, the sensor sends a signal to your home security system, alert system or home automation system, letting you know of the change in condition. Aleph America also offers a Decreasing Fluid Level Sensor, sold separately. Read more

2-in-1 Memory Cards Stores and Transfers Data on SD and Micro SD Compatible Devices

Digital Film 37032 Micro SD Memory Card with SD Adapter, 32GB
Digital Film Micro SD Memory Cards let you get the most out of your digital devices. Whether it is your SmartPhone, PDA, picture frame, digital camera, hidden camera or other portable device, you can easily store data, video, music, games and more. Business users will be able to store more email, documents, and presentations for easy access when they are away from the office.

With an extremely thin profile and high storage capacity, Micro SD cards are the ideal choice for storing your digital files. This Memory card is an SDSC card, Secure Digital (SD) Standard Capacity (SC) and complies with SD card specification standards. It is compatible with nearly all Micro SD devices and also comes with an adapter that makes it compatible with most older Standard SD compatible devices. Additionally, this Micro SD card will work with host devices designed for SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards, but not host devices designated for SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) memory cards.
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