Throw Back Alarm Clock With 21st Century Style and Technology

Edifier MF240 BT-White Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock - White
The Tick Tock radio by Edifier takes you back in time with this very easy to use, multifunctional retro-styled alarm clock. This 21st century version of the classically styled alarm clock allows you to stream your favorite music from your Bluetooth enabled device to enjoy on its omni-directional pair of speakers. Along with the Bluetooth connectivity, this alarm clock comes in with a built-in FM radio tuner with 24 preset channels, an auxiliary input, 5 preset alarm functions, and a sleep function. The LCD display shows the audio input selected, date and time as well as any active alarms and strength of the signal for both Bluetooth and FM radio.

  • Bluetooth pairing capability with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • LCD display screen for FM/AUX/Bluetooth/Time/Date functions
  • Omni-directional, magnetically shielded speaker
  • FM radio function with 24 preset channels
  • Alarm clock function with the choice of any of the FM preset channels

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