Comfortable Lily Pads Make Playtime Imaginative and Fun

Need a place for your child to play? Let your child’s imagination run wild with this Lily Pad Sit Upon made by the Children’s Factory. The mat has a 12 inch diameter and is made with an easy to clean vinyl. The design on the top of the pad is made to look like a lily pad that you would find in a pleasant creek or pond. Let your child’s imagination run wild with this Lily Pad Sit Upon made by the Children’s Factory.
Children's Factory CF349-002 Lily Pad Sit Upons, Set of 4

  • Comfortably padded 1 inch thick sit upons
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Decorative designs and colors
  • Easy to clean vinyl surface
  • Soft construction makes it safe and durable




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Throw Back Alarm Clock With 21st Century Style and Technology

Edifier MF240 BT-White Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock - White
The Tick Tock radio by Edifier takes you back in time with this very easy to use, multifunctional retro-styled alarm clock. This 21st century version of the classically styled alarm clock allows you to stream your favorite music from your Bluetooth enabled device to enjoy on its omni-directional pair of speakers. Along with the Bluetooth connectivity, this alarm clock comes in with a built-in FM radio tuner with 24 preset channels, an auxiliary input, 5 preset alarm functions, and a sleep function. The LCD display shows the audio input selected, date and time as well as any active alarms and strength of the signal for both Bluetooth and FM radio.

  • Bluetooth pairing capability with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • LCD display screen for FM/AUX/Bluetooth/Time/Date functions
  • Omni-directional, magnetically shielded speaker
  • FM radio function with 24 preset channels
  • Alarm clock function with the choice of any of the FM preset channels

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Instantly Find Loved Ones Should They Lose Their Way

The SecuraTrac ST-1012 LifeTrac MobileProtector is a ruggedized, weather-proof GPS locator-phone able to withstand extreme conditions and uses. It is perfect for adolescents who do not need a texting plan and for seniors who want to remain active and mobile yet may live alone or wants an added layer of security for health or other safety reasons.

The LifeTrac MobileProtector is a small device that fits into your child’s pocket or backpack. It uses the global positioning system satellites and the mobile phone networks to pinpoint your location and report it back to the LifeTrac network. The Mobile Protector works well for people of all ages and needs. It has been shown to work well for those who care for the elderly particularly those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other conditions associated with memory loss. In addition to loved ones, MobileProtectors’s work well for tracking anything that is important to you including your pets, cars, and luggage.
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Tricycle Develops Motor Skills in Children and Makes Exercise Fun

Children's Factory CF930-533 Locomotion Easy Rider Tricycle

The Locomotion Easy Rider Tricycle from Children’s Factory features a throwback design and is intended for ages 3 to 6 as its seat and handlebars sit 5″ and 22.5″, respectively, off the ground. Tricycles have long been a building block for learning to ride a bicycle as they help develop the necessary motor skills in children not yet ready for the balance and coordination 2 wheels requires. With an Easy Rider Tricycle children will learn the motor skills necessary to pedal, among others, while at the same time build up leg strength and get valuable exercise. The Easy Rider Tricycle has a black and red frame with 3 wheels each made of solid rubber. This product meets CPSIA and ASTM safety standards.
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