Shatter-Resistant Mirror Teaches Children where the Major Bones in Their Body are Located

Children's Factory CF332-584 See-Thru-Me Skeleton MirrorThe See-Thru-Me Skeleton Mirror from Children’s Factory is a fun way for kids to learn about where the major bones are located in their body. The mirror stands 45.75″ tall with the skeletal image silk screened to the back of the mirror so that its color will not scratch off. The mirror, itself, is made of a flexible and shatter resistant material referred to as PET which is laser cut so the edges are smooth for added safety. This product meets CPSIA and ASTM safety standards.

  • Mirror is made of shatter-resistant PET
  • Skeleton is silk screened
  • Teaches children where major bones are in their body
  • 45.75 inches tall
  • Meets CPSIA and ASTM safety standards

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USB Micro Speaker Ideal for Laptops or Travel

Edifier MP250 Sound To Go USB Micro Speaker
The Sound To Go USB Micro Speaker from Edifier is an all-in-one micro speaker that is portable and encased in an elegant brushed aluminum chassis. Use the included USB cable to power and to connect the speaker to your audio source such as your laptop or desktop and control the volume with the simple volume controls that are located on the speaker or on the host device. The extra auxiliary input on the speaker enables the use of multiple host devices. The Sound to Go uses its 3 x 1 1/4 inch oval shaped passive radiator subwoofer, two 1 1/4 inch mid-range drivers and two 1 1/4 inch tweeters with a built in amplifier to provide exceptional audio performance above and beyond any built in speaker solution. The Sound to Go speaker system is ideal for the individual that travels with a laptop and desires quality sound.
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Ultrasonic Sound-Wave Technology Assists You by Adding Spatial Awareness to your Vehicle

It can be difficult at times navigating your car or small SUV into tight spots. Sometimes a mirror just won’t give you all the information you need to confidently park your vehicle. Steelmate USA provides an easy fix for such a situation with the PTS4000EX Parking Assist Sensor, exclusively designed for regular cars and smaller SUVs with plastic bumpers. The sensors install into your vehicle’s rear plastic bumper and use Ultrasonic Sound-Wave Technology to register objects as far as five feet away. Avoid getting an embarrassing, frustrating, and expensive ding from objects you can’t see as you attempt to reverse-park your sweet ride. The PTS4000EX was designed to install clean and includes a 4-Stage piezo alarm that lets you know when you’re getting too close to something you probably don’t want to hit. Rest easy knowing you can park confidently!

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Outdoor Rated Plug-InTimer Powers a Low Voltage Lighting System up to 100 Watts

Intermatic ML100THB Low Voltage Power Pack with Digital Timer and Photocell, 100 Watts



  • 120 VAC input, 12 VAC output – plugs in to a GFCI rated outdoor receptacle
  • Supplies power to 12 volt low voltage outdoor landscape lighting products up to 100 Watts
  • Digital LCD timer display
  • Built in photocell
  • Wall mount


Intermatic offers a wide variety of power packs in various wattages and control options. The Intermatic ML100THB Low Voltage Power Pack with Digital Timer and Photocell allows you to connect up to 100 Watts of low voltage lighting, typically for hardwired outdoor low voltage lighting systems. The power pack features keyhole cutouts that provide a surface mount installation for ease of operation. The power pack plugs into a GFCI rated outdoor outlet and low voltage lighting connects to the Power Pack via hardwired toolless cable screw connectors; use 18 AWG wiring (at a minimum) for low voltage outdoor cable. An LCD display and built-in photocell let you set how long you want the lights to remain on, once they have been automatically activated at sundown (or when darkness sets in). All power packs are certified for safe operation and long life. Read More

Cat-Lovers: You Can Now Put Your Furry Friends on a Pedestal….Literally.

RefinedKind Pet Products CLOUD-TI-R Cat Clouds Cat Shelf, Right Facing - Titanium


The days of ugly and impractical pet furniture are over. Refined Kind Pet Products offeres the saving grace for pet furniture that is both functional for the pet and aesthetically satisfying for the owner. The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf offers felines the opportunity to relax in an elevated perch. Let them lounge on super strong metal platforms with soft comfortable pads covered in faux sheepskin fabric. The pads’ magnetic bottom permits easy replacement if worn. Let your cat walk along your wall rather than your furniture. The Cat Cloud features two large platforms that are each 20 inches by 10 inches and can support up to 70 pounds. The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf also comes in a Left Facing. Read More