Retro Style Alarm Clock with 21st Century Technology

Edifier MF240-White Tick Tock SD/USB/FM Alarm Clock Speaker System - White



  • Alarm clock function with SD, USB, AUX, or FM input choice
  • LCD display screen shows time, FM station, and more
  • FM radio function has 24 preset channels
  • Omni-directional, full range speakers
  • Complete volume, track navigation, FM tuner, and input selection controls.



The Tick Tock radio by Edifier takes you back in time with this very easy to use, multifunctional retro-styled alarm clock. The SD card slot and USB slot allows you to plug in a preloaded SD Card or memory stick and listen to your favorite music. Easily control the track selection and volume level with the controls located on the top of the clock. The FM Radio input allows you to preset 24 of your favorite radio stations. An auxiliary input allows for other media devices to be connected and played through the clock. The input selection button allows you to easily select playing from the SD card slot, USB port, Auxiliary input, and FM Radio. The MF240 has two 360° omni-directional full range speakers that provide rich, multi-directional sound. Read More

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