Use this Plug-in Tester to Check Connections of Standard and GFCI Outlets

The TRC 30090012-6 GFCI Outlet Tester was designed to check the integrity of the wiring for ground fault and standard outlets. It also tests for proper function of GFCI outlets. The Wiring Diagnostics checks Line Neutral and Ground Wire Integrity. The GFCI Tester inspects for proper operation and nuisance tripping. There are separate tests for a 6mA ground fault and a 3mA ground fault. The Power Quality Monitor (PQM) identifies excessive voltage drop (approx. 6V) on the branch circuit by measuring the voltage between neutral and ground. This outlet tester is a great tool for an electrician or anyone wanting to check the outlet wiring in their home.

Wiring Chart








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Customizable LED Lamp Can Switch From Warm to Cool White Output

The LED Desk Lamp with Adjustable Light Color from Prism is an ideal desk companion due to its range of light settings available and slim design. With the simple twist of a knob at the head of the lamp users can dim, brighten and even change the light color. This LED Desk Lamp has the flexibility to move between warm white for relaxing settings and then to cool white when working or studying. The arm of the lamp can pivot vertically in a 135° range while the head can rotate circularly to shine where you need it most. Its slim and classic design allows it to fit seamlessly into any room while taking up minimal space where ever used. This desk lamp is also energy efficient using only 11 watts and will be long lasting as well since it uses next generation LED technology.

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Handheld Recorder Takes Color and Still Images or Functions as a Webcam

Mini Gadgets MINIDV-VOICE Mini Camera with Audio, Web CapableThe latest in audio recording technology is here. This unit features not only the ability to hold up to 75 hours of audio recordings but with its attached camera it takes color video and still images, it can even function as a web cam! It’s built in Li-Ion battery means you’ll never have to worry about buying batteries and its internal 4GB storage eliminates fumbling with pesky SD Cards while providing plenty of storage capacity. The unit charges easily with the included USB cable either directly from your PC or via the included wall adapter. The USB cable also allows for simple plug and play recovery of all your recordings, be it audio or video.
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