Protect your Components While Eliminating Standby Vampire Power Consumption

Coleman Cable 04946 10-Outlet Smart Strip Surge Protector
All electronics draw some power even when they are in sleep mode or turned off. For example, a computer monitor uses up to 30 watts even in sleep mode (vampire power consumption). That adds up to about $2.19 a month or about $26.67 a year in energy costs.

Other computer peripherals and home entertainment equipment can draw over 50 watts when off. It is easy to see that the energy being consumed by all of your sleeping electronics really adds up. The advanced technology in Coleman Cable 04946 10-Outlet Smart Strip combines surge protection with automatic power control. It automatically turns off power to printers, DVD players, and other electronics when they are not in use, saving electricity and money – it pays for itself in energy savings in as fast as a few months. Being green just got easier!

How it Works
The Smart Strip senses the electricity flowing to the main outlet, and when there is a decrease in current flow, it automatically turns off power going to the energy-saving controlled outlets. So when the main component that is plugged into the master outlet turns off or goes into sleep mode, the Smart Strip will turn off the controlled outlets saving money and energy.
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