Happy Cinco de May from Smarthome! Here is Cinco Home Tasks for the month of May!

Every month you should perform your home maintenance tasks to ensure that your home is kept clean and up to date.  In the spirit of the Cinco de Mayo, we have found  ‘Cinco’ easy ways to make sure you maintain the upkeep of your home.

1. Have central air-conditioning unit checked according to the recommendations of the unit’s manufacturer. Replace the filter in the forced-air system. Clean debris from condenser or heat pump located outside.

2. Remove mineral deposits from faucet aerators and shower heads by soaking parts in white vinegar and scrubbing with an old toothbrush.

3. Get ready for summer days of swimming and BBQ’s–Have swimming pools cleaned. Inspect and service pool liners and filters.

4. Now is a great time to start shopping for seasonal sales on air-conditioning units and window fans.

5. Since you will be lounging outdoors, before you take out your patio furniture make sure that you coat it with auto polish.

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