Make Sure You Stay Visible to Others While Camping this Summer

Neklight 793233 Neklight Wearable LED Flashlight - Blue

Summertime means more time outdoors and for many it means camping trips! Being one with nature is quite relaxing, but it could be a little dangerous. The best part is getting away from city lights, but it can also make it hard for others to see you. With a NekLight you can make sure that you can be seen from great distances. This NekLight has a string so that you can wear it around your neck and it is so lightweight that you barely realize that you’re even wearing one. It is also rugged and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it while out on your camping excursions. The versatile features of this NekLight make it easy for you to reuse it in any situation. Don’t feel like wearing it around your neck? It also has a built in stand, so you can plop it up on your camping table for bright lighting around your campsite.

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Cat Furniture that is Great for Your Home!

RefinedKind Pet Products CLOUD-WH-L Cat Clouds Cat Shelf, Left Face - WhiteRefinedKind Pet Products KBB-BA Kitty Ball Bed - BambooRefinedKind Pet Products LOT-ES Lotus Cat Tower - Espresso








Most pet furniture tends to be awkward and mostly unattractive. The dilemma usually is that you want to keep your pet comfortable but you don’t want it to be an eye sore in your already nicely furnished room. The people over at Refined Kind Pet Products created great pet furniture that can coexist within your home. This pet furniture not only keeps your pet in mind but it also keeps you, the owner in mind too. Guests will have to take a closer look to realize that its your cat’s furniture in your living room. Check out the full range of cat furniture that we carry:  Refined Kind Pet Products

Turn Your Smartphone into a Waterproof Underwater Camera

Aryca WS12W TIDE Waterproof Smartphone Case, White

The mortal enemy of the Smartphone has always been water. These wonderfully fun devices are attached to us at the hip but when our daily activities take us to such places as a beach, lake or pool we either need to not bring them with or hide them somewhere we perceive to be safe from water and sand. This, however, is now a problem of the past. The TIDE Waterproof Smartphone Case from Aryca is designed to safely protect Droid Smartphone’s from sand, snow and water. This waterproof case is IPX8 certified which means it will protect the contents within even while submersed in water. With this case you can safely bring your Smartphone underwater with you up to 20 feet (6 meters) and use it to snap underwater pictures or take videos. The case has a clear silicon protective membrane on the front which supports touch screen giving the phone full functionality to still text or make calls. Even if the idea of bringing a phone underwater makes you tremble the case can at least bring peace of mind that your phone will be safe when brought around water. By also protecting the phone from sand, places such as the beach, river or lake are no longer a cell phone danger zone. Also included with the TIDE Waterproof Smartphone Case is a floating lanyard that attaches to the top of the case. Keeping with the peace of mind theme, this helps make sure that your phone won’t sink whether it is brought into the water on purpose or falls in accidentally.
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Recharge up to 200 Different Devices with this One Power Adapter

Xtreme 88990 90 Watt Universal Laptop Charger
Let’s face it, charging adapters seem to be the bane of our digital lifestyle these days. For every device we own, there is a unique charger that goes with it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had just one charging adapter to take care of all your recharging needs? The folks over at Xtreme have heard your cries and bring to you a 90 Watt Universal Laptop Charging beast which can adapt to over 200 different connection types. This handy dandy universal charger even features a USB connection which allows you to charge most portable devices such as your mobile phone. That’s pretty universal. Its small design allows for easy transport and storage while the integrated LED status light let’s you know it’s doing its job. This device gets better with over-charge protection and Automatic Short Circuit/Reverse Polarity Protection making for a feature rich Universal Charger.
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Monitor and Control the Heating and Cooling of a Home from Anywhere in the World

LockState Connect LS-90i Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat with 3 Stages of Heating
Convenience in life, no matter how big or small is a great thing and with the LockState Connect LS-90i Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat regulating the temperature of a home has never been easier. This internet enabled thermostat can be controlled anywhere in the world from a Smartphone, laptop or computer as long as there is a valid internet connection. Being able to control this thermostat remotely via the internet also makes it an ideal choice for use with rental properties or second homes. Owners of rental properties can now have further control by setting heating and cooling programs that will save energy and monitor if settings are being adjusted or abused. Rental property owners also have the convenience of activating the thermostat for their guests, or themselves, just prior to arrival rather than allowing the thermostat to run when vacant. The Wi-Fi Touch Screen Thermostat can also be setup to send alerts to notify when specified settings are either met or exceeded for further control. This will let you know if the device is being adjusted when it shouldn’t be or if there is a problem. Being alerted right away to a potential air-flow issue allows for it to be tended to rather than the thermostat overcompensating and leaving a large electricity bill in its wake.
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