Summer Must-Have: Waterproof Video Camera that Can Go Anywhere You Want

Wish you had video of the pod of dolphins that swam by while you were out kayaking? How about video of the awesome mountain biking trail you discovered?

Now you can get video of all that and more with the Easy Shot Clip DV2HDWO-001 Outdoor and Diving HD Digital Video Camera. This all-purpose camera is designed to go anywhere you go, from the mountains to the sea and everywhere in between to record those adventures first hand. The camera is tiny, 2.25″ x 0.83″ x 0.71″, which makes it very easy to bring with you everywhere and included mounting clips allow for hands-free use. This feature makes it the ideal companion for activities such as biking, snorkeling, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and much, much more. When in the included waterproof housing the camera can record video up to 100ft underwater. It shoots in 720p HD resolution at 30 frames per second and will store the video it shoots on a micro SD card. Included with the HD camera is a 4GB micro SD card but the camera can support up to a 32GB micro SD card which is sold separately. One button on the camera easily starts and stops it and to conserve battery it will automatically power off after 1 minute of inactivity. The battery is lithium-polymer, rechargeable and built-in to the camera. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.4.7 or newer. Read more

State-of-the-Art Planar Magnetic Headphones Deliver Incredible Studio Sound

HiFiMAN HE-500 High Performance Headphones

Founded by Dr. Fang Bian in 2007, HiFiMAN is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products. They are especially known for its critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphones that feature state-of-the-art driver technology.

The HE-500 is one of HiFiMAN’s best performing planar magnetic designs, yet, its 89dB sensitivity is higher than similar designs and allows it to be driven with a conventional headphone amplifier. The HE-500 offers impressive frequency response from 50Hz to 50KHz and with all of the dynamics and lifelike realism that HiFiMAN headphones are famous for. These headphones are quite large and feature over-sized drivers, a high gloss finish, soft leather ear pads already installed on the headphones and a replacement pair of velour ear pads. The manufacturer suggests that these headphones be used with a Headphone Amplifier.
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Keep Your Valuables Locked Away Safely in Your Desk Drawer

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The new quick access biometric top opening drawer safe by Barska features a new dual hydraulic pressurized hinge system. Barska biometric safes are well known for their quick access fingerprint scanning optical technology. This new dual hydraulic hinge allows for quick secure access to your valuables. The reinforced motorized dead bolt safe door can be effortlessly opened with one finger. The dual pressurized hydraulics insure that the solid safe door wont slam shut on your fingers. This standard size drawer safe is a perfect fit for your dresser drawer at home and in your office desk at work. Not limited to being stored away in a drawer the Barska top access safe can be mounted to any flat surface.

Need to give access to multiple users?

The Barska quick access biometric drawer safe can store up to 30 different fingerprints. In an office environment you may need to have a few top level managers have access to important documents, petty cash and incase of emergency a handgun for protection. At home keeping your valuables in a secure space is a must, but in a home with young children keeping firearms in a safe place is the law. You can grant access to only the adults in your family to ensure your children dont access your firearms.
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Add a Color Lounge Chair to Your Child’s Room

Children's Factory CF600-066 Beach Ball LoungerBeanbag chairs have always been a staple of childhood and needless to say they have been upgraded over the years. The Children’s Factory Beach Ball Lounger is similar to a traditional beanbag chair but rather than being filled with beads it uses fire retardant shredded foam for added comfort and safety. The outer layer of the Beach Ball Lounger is made of cotton poly chintz and it can be removed by unzipping it to make cleaning a much easier task. Knowing that kids will be kids the inner pocket of the lounger has been filled with polyurethane to make it resistant to stains. The colorful red, blue, green and yellow lounger has a large 35 inch diameter which is beneficial because it will allow additional years of use as a child continues growing. Children’s Factory suggests this product to be used with children ages 3 and older. The Beach Ball Lounger meets CPSIA and ASTM safety standards.
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