Entertain Your Cat and Match Your Homes Decor With This Functional Cat Tower With Cubby Hole

RefinedKind Pet Products LOT-ES Lotus Cat Tower - Espresso
The Lotus Cat Tower from The Refined Kind Pet Products was carefully planned with both the cat and the owner in mind. Accustomed to fit your cat’s needs for perching, scratching, and privacy this cat towers sleek and organic design is a modern take on cat furniture with a unique ability to blend and accent your homes decor. Its Zen-like design blends symmetry, functionality, and minimalism into a beautiful, “flowering” tower. Its multiple perches are lined with a soft Berber carpet with Velcro backs for easy installation and cleaning when necessary. It features a long lasting sisal panel for scratching and a padded cubby for when your cat desires some privacy. This cat tower is manufactured from sturdy plywood and is covered with an oak veneer with a natural stain and sealer that will resist scratching. Its design boasts a weighted bottom for stability and comes with floor levelers and a support bracket for added reinforcement.

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The One Multi-Card Reader Thats Rules Them All

Xtreme 32588 USB Memory Card Reader

Finally, a multi-card reader that can handle just about any memory card you have! The Xtreme 32588 Multi-Card Reader supports up to 85 different types of memory cards, supporting the most popular modern day formats which include: SD/SDHC, Mini SD, TF, MicroSD, Ms PRO Duo, and M2 memory cards formats. Designed for high speed data transfers with USB 2.0 (up to 480Mbps) this multifunctional card reader is also backwards compatible with older USB versions. The Xtreme 32588 Multi-Card Reader is plug and play, so it can easily install into your notebook or desktop computer. Its durable plastic shell and small size make it easy for travel, allowing it to be a great addition to your notebook or desktop computer accessory arsenal.

  • Capable of supporting up to 85 unique cards
  • Supports SD/SDHC, Mini SD, TF, MicroSD, Ms PRO Duo, and M2 Memory Cards
  • Enjoy USB 2.0 speeds for quick picture, video, and other data transfers
  • Easy Plug and Play allows for a trouble-free installation

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Look Smart and Be Smart with This Clever Safe!

Barska AX11682 Hidden Real Book Safe
Barska AX11682 Hidden Real Book Safe
The Barska AX11682 Hidden Real Book Safe can be kept in plain sight yet cleverly conceals money, important documents, jewelry, and anything else you need kept away and protected from prying eyes, petty thieves, and precocious children. The cover looks like a copy of Pride and Prejudice, a classic and popular novel unlikely to arouse suspicion. While built-in wall safes are costly and difficult to move and standing vaults are bulky and heavy, this lightweight secret book safe can easily be moved wherever you go. Unlike a locked drawer which can pique children’s curiosity, the real book outside will not only keep children from playing with your handgun, but unlikely to even discover that the book is not simply a book. Concealed within a row of novels on a bookshelf, the Barska Real Book Safe would blend in perfectly with the rest of a library and mislead any possible thief or home intruder. So get smart with your valuables and buy a Barska Hidden Real Book Safe today!
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5-Tiered Shelf with Clear Display Allows Child to Choose a Their Favorite Book

Children's Factory CF905-052 5-Pocket Clear Book DisplayA typical bookshelf is ideal for adults who can simply read the binding of a book and know what they’re looking at. This, however, is more difficult for a child if they are in the beginning stages of learning to read or not tall enough to reach the shelf. The solution to this is a book shelf designed specifically for children and the 5-Pocket Clear Book Display from Children’s Factory is exactly that. Due to the fact that young children are more visual learners this product uses 5 clear pockets so that a child can see the covers of the books in the display rather than having to read them. The display shelf is low profile and stands only 29 inches tall which allows for the child to identify a book they want and then actually go get it. The product can also be used to help teach children organization skills at an early age by helping them to put their books back into the display when done. This product meets CPSIA and ASTM safety standards.

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Free Up Floor Space and Give Your Cat a Place to Perch and Relax

RefinedKind Pet Products CLOUD-OW-L Cat Clouds Cat Shelf, Left Facing - Off White

The days of ugly and impractical pet furniture are over. Refined Kind Pet Products offeres the saving grace for pet furniture that is both functional for the pet and aesthetically satisfying for the owner. The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf offers felines the opportunity to relax in an elevated perch. Let them lounge on super strong metal platforms with soft comfortable pads covered in faux sheepskin fabric. The pads’ magnetic bottom permits easy replacement if worn. Let your cat walk along your wall rather than your furniture. The Cat Cloud features two large platforms that are each 20 inches by 10 inches and can support up to 70 pounds. The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf also comes in a Right Facing.
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Enhance Your Outdoor Relaxation With a Sand and Dirt-Free Mat!

Tired of sand getting all over your towel at the beach? Tired of dirt getting all over your blanket while camping?


This list can go on and on and now it also comes with a solution thanks to the Sand-Free MAT from CGear which was developed by the military. This MAT is the perfect companion for all outdoor adventures and acts as a barrier between you and the ground. Its dual layer weave makes it so things such as sand, dirt and dust will fall through the top but not filter back up from the bottom. The Sand-Free MAT features D-Rings around its perimeter allowing for a sturdy, more permanent placement if staking it to the ground is desired. When ready for use it is recommended that a towel or blanket still be used to lay upon for added comfort. While the MAT is ideal for uses like the beach, park or campsite, it should not be used on hard surfaces such as concrete.
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