This Flat and Adhesive Wire is…Amazing

Product Title (In box)

The ONLY Flat, Adhesive HDMI Wire Available!

The Taperwire HDMI-WT-10FT Flat HDMI Wire is an ultra-thin, HDMI flat wire with an adhesive backing that is flexible and makes installation easy with a professional appearance. One of the benefits of Tape Wire is that it can be run discreetly around your walls or your entertainment center, so you can easily place HDMI components anywhere without unsightly cables marring your décor. Applications include HDMI multimedia interface wiring, high density and bandwidth requirements and professional looking audio and video installations.

The Taperwire 10 Foot Flat Adhesive Back HDMI Wire is also available in 6 Foot and 15 Foot lengths, each sold separately. Read More

  • Flat HDMI Cable with adhesive backing
  • Pre-Teminated with HDMI Connectors on both ends
  • Wire adhers to almost any surface
  • Plug and play HDMI wiring solution

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