Liberate Yourself by Removing the Limitations of a Large Power Adapter

Smarthome PP-N03-N04D-001 Power Strip Liberator with Dual Outlet, Black, 16 InchesDo you have a large power adapter obstructing another power outlet? Ever want to free up a neighboring outlet but cannot seem to find a way around it? Of course you have – everyone has. Large power adapters are just taking up too much room, but let’s face it, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. For the meantime, we have your solution and it is the Smarthome PP-N03-N04D-001 Power Strip Liberator with Dual Outlet. This liberator is the perfect length (14 inches) to help you clear those outlets and relocate your large power adapters. Simply plugs in those oversized or oddly shaped power adapters into our cable and regain those previously blocked outlets. Now you can get full use of your wall outlets, power strips, UPS outlets and more!

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Stylish Computer Desk Perfect for Your Home or Office

Techni Mobili RTA-4985-CH36 Complete Computer Workstation with Computer Tower Cabin

  • Made of engineered wood with a powder coated steel tubes
  • Two storage drawers and a hanging file storage cabinet
  • Large pullout keyboard with safety stop
  • Perfect for your home or office
  • Side CPU storage cabinet with ventilated back

Made from engineered Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) and powder coated steel decorative tubes and legs, this computer work station from Techni Mobili is perfect for your home or office. Store all your office supplies in the two drawers and the bottom drawer has a large hanging file cabinet. On the opposite side of the drawers is a computer tower or accessory storage cabinet with a large back opening for ventilation to keep your computer cool while you work. The desk features a two level design which allows you to store anything you need and also has a pullout keyboard with safety stop.
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USB Powered Keyboard Stand Relieves Neck Strain While You Work

Continuous work on your laptop can strain your eyes, neck, and back and prolonged strain can eventually lead to health problems or injury. This laptop stand raises your laptop to eye level and has a USB powered built-in keyboard and mouse touchpad complete with left and right buttons. The back of the stand is open which allows ventilation to the back of your laptop so it is able to stay cool while you work. The stand has multiple adjustable arms that locks your expensive laptop in place so you can feel comfortable that your laptop is safe while in use. The keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard complete with “F” keys and number pad and is made from durable ABS plastic and folds flat, making it ideal for travel.
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Daily Timer for Holiday Lights, Fountains, or Other Outdoor Plug-In Appliances

Stanley Electrical 31217 Digital Outdoor Photocell Light Timer, BlackThe Stanley Electrical Outdoor Digital Photocell Light Timer will turn the electrical devises ON/OFF automatically. It has an automatic darkness sensing cell which activates the timer at dusk and turns off at dawn or after 1-9 hours. It has a manual override control button to turn on or off the power. There is a power indicator which lights up when plugged in and a grounded outlet. Connected appliances can be programmed to turn on at dusk/off at dawn or operate in chosen increments of time (1-9 hours from dusk). The timer will ensure your lights or appliances won’t be on during the day when it isn’t necessary, avoiding wasted energy to save you money on your electricity bills. Programming can be completed in a matter of minutes and will repeat daily.

  • Photocell detects and analyses the amount of available light
  • Outdoor lighting and appliances turn on after dark to save energy and money
  • Lights won’t be on during the day when unnecessary
  • Multiple settings are repeated daily

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