Add More Modules to Your Whole Home FloodStop System for Maximum Protection

Onsite Pro XSM Extra Wireless Sensor Module Kit for Whole Home FloodStopThe Onsite Pro XSM Wireless Sensor Module Kit adds an extra level of security to your FloodStop system. The kit is compatible with the Whole Home Wireless FloodStop with 3/4 Inch Valve, 1 Inch Valve and 1 1/4 Inch Valve. You can add up to 31 modules to each Whole Home Wireless FloodStop System giving you the flexibility to protect every location where water damage can occur. These units are very easy to pair or sync to the FloodStop system, and takes only 1 minute to add.

The XSM Wireless Sensors Modules can be powered by four AA Batteries, (sold separately) or plug them in with the included wall adaptors. Note: If the sensors are plugged into AC, they also act as a signal repeater. Imagine, the more sensors you have the better the signal strength.

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