Effective and Durable Solution for Cotton Swab Storage

The Qube cotton swab dispenser provides you with a clean, convenient place to store one of life’s everyday necessities-cotton swabs. Your swabs will stay neat and accessible as they dispense one-by-one. No more bulky boxes hiding in the medicine cabinet, the Qube dispenser keeps them handy. This beautiful cotton swab dispenser is a great addition to any bathroom.Qube 001 Cotton Swab Dispenser, Clear

  • Convenient, Refillable, Functional and Stylish
  • Attractive solution to store and access your cotton swabs
  • Small design fits nicely on your bathroom counter top
  • Holds over 100 cotton swabs and is easily refilled

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All Weather Deck Box Stylish Enough for Indoors Use and Strong Enough for Outdoor Use

Wicker Lane ORI003-B Wicker Storage Deck Box, WhiteYards and rooms never look as good when items are loosely strewn about the ground. With a Wicker Storage Deck Box from Wicker Lane organization both indoors and out is a breeze. This large deck box is stylish enough for use indoors yet strong enough to brave the elements for year-round use outdoors. It has a durable steel frame that is tightly wrapped with resin wicker which, unlike natural wicker, will not dry out, crack or absorb water. The top of the deck box has 2 chain stoppers which keep it from flipping backwards when opened and side handles make it easy to move around. When the lid is closed the Storage Deck Box can also double as a bench or table to sit and place items upon furthering its versatility. Cleaning the deck box can be done by spraying it down with a garden hose or using soap and water.

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Steel Frame with All Weather Wicker Wrap Makes End Table Ideal for Year-Round Use

Wicker Lane OTI001-A Outdoor Wicker End Table, EspressoThe Outdoor Wicker End Table from Wicker Lane makes for a great addition to any yard or patio. Its durable steel frame is wrapped in all weather resin wicker so that it can withstand the elements year-round or make for a seamless addition inside due to its classic natural wicker look. Cleaning the Wicker End Table is a breeze and can be done by simply spraying it with a hose or wiping it down with a towel. The sturdy woven Wicker End Table does not have a weight capacity and below the main table is a secondary storage shelf allowing the table to hold or store additional items. This all weather table comes fully assembled and ready for use upon arrival.
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Have Your Own Personal Sauna in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Sun Spirit SP-NHE-3-CD 3 Person Infrared SaunaGoing to a sauna is a relaxing experience with many health benefits and now this experience can be brought home with the 3 Person Infrared Sauna from Sun Spirit. In a sauna the increased heat causes our bodies to perspire and it is in this process that we begin to reap the benefits of taking a sauna. While perspiring in a sauna the body is able to expunge itself of acid and waste-like residue toxins, sodium, nicotine, cholesterol, alcohol and potentially carcinogenic heavy metals such as zinc, lead nickel and more. The process also helps the body discharge old skin cells and waste from pores leaving the skin glowing and clean.

What makes this sauna different from that of your local gym is that it uses infrared technology for heat allowing it to be more effective and used at more pleasant temperatures ranging from 110°F – 150°F. Another benefit to the IR heat is that it can penetrate the body over 1-1/2 inches to directly provide a deep heating effect on the body’s internal organs and muscle tissues without causing added stress to the heart. A conventional sauna, on the other hand, must transfer heat by circulating hot air throughout the sauna which warms the body from the head and then down. The conventional sauna method does not heat the body directly and it also requires higher temperatures to achieve the same cleansing effect. The higher temperatures will take longer to reach and also cause more of a strain on the heart as your body attempts to regulate the heat. You may be asking, is infrared safe? Yes it is. For decades health professionals have been using infrared heat lamps to soothe and treat muscle and joint problems. Many hospitals even use infrared heat lamps in the baby care units to keep newborn children warm.

The Sun Spirit 3 Person Infrared Sauna is made of North American hemlock wood and features 5 interior U-Type IR heaters. The sauna can be controlled while inside from a digital control panel and users don’t have to worry about sitting in silence either as it comes equipped with a CD player and radio.
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Karaoke Singers, It’s Your Time to Shine.

Technical Pro WM1201 Professional UHF Dual Wireless Microphone System


Technical Pro’s microphones are preferred by sound professionals and performers. The innovative technology that is used always produces a proper translation to any voice and to any audience…and the sturdy design will give you confidence that your show or conference will always be a success. These same two elements can be found in the WM1201 Professional UHF Wireless Microphone System.

This system comes complete with a base transmitter that has a 1RU (RU = Rack Unit) rack mountable design and 2 dynamic cardioid directional Ultra High Band Wireless Microphones. The base and microphones are both stylish and durable. The front of the base shows LED meters for both microphones and has two separate digital panels showing the frequency information. The cardioid directional design is meant to only translate a direct signal into the microphone. This will give you the ability to address a loud room like a club or large stage performance and not worry about any type of feedback. And if you are addressing a large room or audience no need to worry about any unwanted crowd noise getting picked up in your microphone!

The benefits of a wireless microphone also include giving you the freedom you need to move around the stage or room without the hassle of messy wires. This is a huge plus if you are performing or need to address a large audience or to move around freely without worrying about getting tripped up!

In today’s world of technology and communication wireless signals can often be interrupted. In any given space and especially in densely populated areas like a city, the atmosphere is filled with various signals that can interrupt your equipment. The WM1201 uses a UHF (UHF = Ultra High Frequency) design.. A step above a normal VHF design, the UHF design has a much less chance of interference. UHF wireless microphones have the ability to use a much larger range of frequency spectrum as opposed to VHF microphones. Interference is a concern for everyone from high-level performers to professionals addressing a crowd – it can ruin a performance or speech. The WM1201 will give you the confidence you need that this won’t be an issue – and at a price that won’t break the bank. Read More