Convert One Grounded Outlet to Five Grounded Outlets

Stanley Electrical 31506 5-Outlet PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier, BlackThe new PowerSquid from Stanley Electrical, the biggest brand in hardware features 5 flexible outlets and a 15 amp lighted breaker switch. It has all the flexibility of the original PowerSquid but with slightly shorter arms and a more rugged look, this electric cephalopod is ready to power your life. The Stanley 5-Outlet Squid Power Hub Extension Cord converts one grounded outlet to five grounded outlets, easily and conveniently. This extension cord multiplies outlets with more flexibility than a standard outlet strip.

  • 5-Outlets with a 3 foot Power Hub extension cord
  • Multiplies outlets with more flexibility than a standard outlet strip
  • Outlets feature three different cord lengths for flexibility
  • 15 Amp lighted breaker switch

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Laptop Stand Features Cooling Fan, Two Speakers, Two LED Lamps, Mic, and Controls

Sharper Image RTA-SISS107F-WHT Multimedia Cooling Laptop Stand - White
The Multimedia Cooling Laptop Stand by Sharper Image is an easy to use and sturdy notebook stand with an array of useful features. The stand raises your laptop to a comfortable, ergonomic viewing angle and thus reduces neck and back strain while you work. Featuring high-quality speakers to play your favorite music with full volume and mute controls and an efficient cooling fan to prevent your laptop from overheating. Laptops are prone to overheating and unlike desktop PCs, a laptop’s hardware components are all in close proximity to each other with close to zero room for air circulation to keep them cool. If your laptop overheats it can do some serious damage to your internal hardware and possibly fail, resulting in the loss of your information. High temperatures in your laptop can lead to the failure of the video card, motherboard, memory modules, and hard drive and will decrease the lifespan. Hot laptops have also been known to be a fire hazard. The stand includes a USB microphone and an LED lamp, each mounted on a flexible neck. The laptop stand features a 3-port USB hub so you area ale to connect other devices.
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Versatile 2-Shelf Cart Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use to Provide Extra Storage

Wicker Lane ORI002-B Wicker Serving Cart, WhiteThis all weather Wicker Serving Cart from Wicker Lane is durable and built to withstand the outdoor elements. The frame of this cart is made of steel which is covered by a resin wicker which, unlike traditional wicker, will not dry out, crack or absorb water. The classic wicker look also helps this cart fit seamlessly into a home for indoor use as well. Its top and bottom storage shelves are ideal for providing some extra storage space and its convenient rolling wheels allow it to be moved where ever it is needed. Fill it with gardening tools or accessories and wheel it around the yard while working on the days various outdoor tasks. It could also be used to hold lunch on one shelf while taking a dip in the pool and towels in the other. These are just a few of the many applications of use this cart offers. If the cart gets dirty while left outside it is easily cleaned to look new again by spraying it down with a hose or wiping it off with a soap and water.
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